Monday, October 3, 2011

Zack Matheny in 2009: Did Zack Matheny lobby North Carolina's State Congress to eliminate RUCO and anything like it for his employers and campaign contributors?

"As it relates to RUCO, I believe Greensboro, North Carolina is above average
on what we’re doing throughout the state of North Carolina.

Not anymore.

If Zack thought RUCO helped Greensboro,
why did he vote to table the motion on June 7,
and why didn't he say anything in support of RUCO
before, during and after the state passed
and then Bev Purdue signed it out of law?

The fact that we have RUCO, the fact that we have a RUCO board,
and looking at our sister communities throughout the state of North Carolina,
we’re above average.

Not anymore.

We will still have a RUCO board.

Not Anymore.

As long as we have a RUCO board,
as long as we have an engineering and inspections person...

...Yes, the playing field may be leveled to a certain degree.

We’ll continue to analyze it.

I think we’re above average, and hopefully we’ll stay there.

Zack Matheny in 2009

Zack Matheny in 2011,

unless he lobbied for the bill
that gutted RUCO.

Should Greensboro voters be informed,
if Zack lobbied for the bill or not?

If Zack lobbied for the bill,
is Greensboro's 2011 election
being manipulated by Greensboro's press?

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