Saturday, May 5, 2012

A little history

Before the forum began,
I gave John Hammer a packet with information about the incentives
voted on by Guilford's County Commissioners,
which I spoke of when Skip Alston received an extension on a loan
from the City of Greensboro the week before,
which John Hammer has yet to report.

"Perkins got asked a question about land he sold
and the buyer got economic incentives to develop it.

Should John have mentioned the buyer was Chester Brown
of Brown Investment Properties
who represented Robbie's LLC for the grant
three days before acquiring Robbie's property?

Didn't Chester speak at Robbie's mayoral bid kickoff

Should John have informed the public
that the property was under contract (per Robbie at the forum)
to be sold to Chester as Chester made the presentation to Guilford County
for Robbie?

He noted that he sold the land
and didn't benefit from the economic incentives from Guilford County..."

How could Robbie not have benefited from the incentive
if the property was suddenly worth another $124,504
after the grant was approved?

Is John too financially illiterate to figure out Robbie's benefit,
or did he not question the statement because it was in his own best interests
to support the status quo, regardless of the best interests of his readers?

Should John have informed the public
that Mr. Perkins didn't tell his constituents about his incentive request
hidden in an LLC?

Should John have reported that the incentives were supposed to be for "small businesses"?

Should John have informed the public
that the project was already underway,
therefore possibly violating NCGS 158 -7.1 (a)
because the increase to taxable property was already established?

Should John have informed the public
that the request may have violated Guilford County's Commercial Investment Policy
which I gave him with highlighted excerpts at the forum,
which says among other things, that
"The applicant must be the record owner of the subject real property"?

Should John have reported why the grant was withdrawn in 2011,
which he was informed of at the forum?

George Hartzman

Greensboro's Political Races are Rigged.

Every interview tape from 2009's race available from Greensboro News & Record 
except the one with Zack and I.

The Greensboro News & Record Editorial Board does some of the same thing Hammer does,
only different.

The political contributions go to the candidates,
and then into John Hammer's pockets for advertising.

As long as the local media in Greensboro is batting for the imcumbants
and well connected business interests,
we are not going to get any where near positive jobs growth in our community.

If the Oligarchy doesn't want you,
you can't win.


Anonymous said...

Did the N&R do a better job of reporting on this topic?

Anonymous said...

What does your disappointment in John Hammer have to do with your decision about running for office? I don't see the connection.