Monday, June 27, 2011

John Hammer Cartoon Linkfest: Ed Cone, Spag, Guarino, Killian etc...

Seems like old times - Ed Cone

David Wharton at Ed Cone's on the Rhino Cartoon - Abner

The Rhino Cartoon - Spag

On John Hammer's Apology - Abner

Sam Sees Possible Bigotry in the Rhino Cartoon... - Guarino

More Cartoons

"Dey builds a brand new jail..." - Joe Killian

Can two wrongs make a right, or can two wrongs not make a right? - Abner
If John Hammer and John Stewart both did wrong,
does it make both instances OK?

John Hammer's apology

decolored version

Cartoons appears they may have told a fib to get out of it
confirming and compounding upon the original set of circumstances.

I hear they do the Article and the drawing together over the week.

The premise of the cartoon is legit.

The delivery lacked...

But they, being John and Geof may closely collaborate.

The drawings appear more to resemble Geof's black charachters.

So the "New York Mobsters" story doesn't fly,

so they tried to appoligize without having to actually appoligize.

They still havn't acually come clean

because they look like they are using a lie to soften the blow.

I would love to know what they were talking about
when they came up with it.

$100 million jail and then a ankle program
that could empty it.
Abner at Guarino's

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