Monday, June 27, 2011

Redistricting and The Voting Rights Act Map for Guilford County and District #28

NC Senate proposed map for District 28 for Guilford County VRA

Above you will see the map proposed by the Chairman of the Senate Redistricting Commission in Sen. Rucho. This map shows Guilford County's Senate District #28 which is the Voting Rights Act district made up of majority- minority constituents.It looks like from the maps they stretched it to split a precinct to have Senator Robinson PG1 be a part of this majority minority district in the pleasant garden area.

You will also see that it looks like Senator Don Vaughan who is from G18 on the map will probably be in another district. As TRIADWATCH has stated in the past  CLICKHERE it might be the case that you will see a more heavily republican tint to the district in Guilford County. We will see when all the maps come out but as this maps indicates it seems like we might see more Republican voters actually be voting in a district in Guilford County  and not voting for a senator from another county in Sen. Phil Berger from Rockingham County or Sen. Stan Bingham from Davidson County.

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