Saturday, June 25, 2011

David Wharton at Ed Cone's on the Rhino Cartoon





If John Hammer says these guys were supposed to be white,
why don't they look like the other white people Geof draws?

Why would the cartoonist choose to portray the convicts speaking in a phony,
minstrel-show dialect?

(African-American English doesn't inflect 3rd-person plural verbs
with "-s" as the cartoon does in "builds" and "pays.)

Is he making a real attempt to represent black speech,
but is too ignorant to do so?

Or is he being intentionally provocative by evoking a form of entertainment
that is particularly demeaning to black people?

And why choose to portray both convicts as African-Americans?

In any case, I have a hard time seeing the cartoon as anything but a deliberate racial provocation
-- one that I find both disgusting and depressing.


Anonymous said...

The list below is of local businesses and companies that advertise in the Rhinoceros Times. In the Thursday, June 23 2011 edition of the Rhino Times a racist cartoon was printed, depicting two African American males, dressed in county jail apparel, wishing they were in jail as opposed to house arrest. The text included portrayed their language with improper grammar. John Hammer’s pathetic explanation was that the cartoon was the result of an ink color mistake and that the illustration was supposed to depict two New York “Mobsters” instead. This excuse is half-hearted at best. This disgusting and demonizing cartoon does not fall far from the regular rhetoric and pictorial descriptions that the Rhino Times projects. I am encouraging you all to stand up against racism by calling these companies and expressing your regret of their financial support by way of advertising in this paper. Together, we residents of Greensboro can fight against prejudice, racism and hatred by bringing down the Rhino Times.

Greensboro Farmers’ Curb Market: 336-373-2402
Discount Tire: 336-292-1116
Greensboro Coliseum Complex: 1-800-745-3000
Biolife Plasma Services:
Taylors Discount Tire: 336-375-8883
Total Wine & More: 336-235-2323, 336-235-0400, 336-245-0388
Adams Inn: 336-882-3267
The Maids: 336 272 7800
Comfort Keepers: 336-664-5787
The Gates on Ward: 336-885-6255
Ham’s Lakeside: 336-375-5005, 336-288-4544, 336-887-2434, 336-887-1556, 336-992-4267
Mexico Restaurant: 336-292-6044, 336-665-5110, 336-333-2514, 336-286-9040
Thirsty’s 2: 336-218-0074 Buckhead Saloon: 336-272-9884
J. Butler’s Bar & Grille: 336-294-8884, 336-861-5758, 336-766-8780, 336-316-1991
Europa Bar & Café: 389-1010
Applied Copier Concepts: 336-387-5338
Apartment Living by Brown Investment Properties: 854-3808, 294-5913, 215-9610, 854-1167
Central Carolina Surgery: 336-387-8100
Physicians for Women of Greensboro: 336-273-3661
Burton’s Pharmacy: 336-272-7139
Integrative Therapies: 336-294-0910
Scott M. Jensen, D.M.D., P.A. Oral, Maxillofacial & Facial Cosmetic Surgery Center: 336-379-1500
Meadow Valley Real Estate: 336-886-7804
Coldwell Bankers: 545-4675
Barbara Mann Real Estate: 336-669-4227
Suntrust Mortgage: 336-373-5013
McLean Mortgage Corporation: 336-215-5597
Don Mills Builders, Inc. 336-362-1777
Ann Powell Real Estate 336-327-3473
Nicki McLamb: 336-430-4292
Aesthetic Images Photography 336-275-9797
Dr. Johns H20: 336-852-2525
Fun Fourth Festival: 336-274-4595
North Carolina Zoo: 800-488-0444
America’s Home Place: 336-553-0860
Korman Auto Works: 336-275-1494
Mark J. Kayz Orthodontics: 336-286-5800
Foreign Accents Trusted Automotive Service: 336-294-2137
Hungry Howies: 336-333-9393
Red T Gold: 336-282-5115
Interstate Batteries: 336-271-2880
Golf USA: 336-282-4643
Hammer Consulting: 336-370-0871
Roger Ward and Associates: 336-286-9816
Stameys BBQ:
Triad Mobility Center: 336-992-6122
Digital Restoration Services: 336-508-7159
Two Men and a Truck: 336-297-1500, 336-722-8844
NC A&T Student Housing: 336-378-0893
PC Resource: 370-9410, 908-2422
Love and Faith Christian Fellowship Church: 336-632-0205
Triad Engraving and Printing: 336-856-2311
Appalachian Institute: 919-604-4624
Libby Hill Seafood Restaurant: 336-288-6782
Eagle Physicians: 336-274-3241

Anonymous said...

The Rhino is a racist rag. They have been left to pick at the scabs of the wounds of Greensboro for far too long. FINALLY we are calling them out for what they are. RACISTS