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Local Greensboro Developer Roy Carroll and His Plane Cannot Keep Out of the Spotlight with His Trip for Governor Bev Perdue


Local Greensboro developer Roy Carroll and his airplane cannot keep itself out of trouble. The Carolina Journal in it's front page article titled "Dozens involved in Perdue, Easley flight provider program" has Roy Carroll listed as a person who has provided a plane ride to our Governor. Here is what was said:

"Roy Carroll, a Greensboro developer and owner of Granite Air LLC, provided a flight on November 6, 2008 - two days after Perdue was elected governor. The flight was valued at $887, and the Perdue Committee didn't pay for it until Dec. 16. No other information about this flight is available."

Let's take a look back at some reporting on TRIADWATCH in regards to developer Roy Carroll and his famous plane.

First Post:

Developer Roy Carroll's Plane Will Sit on Tarmac While The Mayor and Chairman Ponder Ethical Standards CLICKHERE

Second Post:

Greensboro City Attorney Advised That Trip to D.C. Raises Ethical Concerns for Mayor of Greensboro and County Chairman CLICKHERE

Now we have local developer Roy Carroll flying the governor to where she needs to go a few days after she was sworn into office, nice. It would be interesting to find out who all was on this plane ride. Crony Capitalism and Roy Carroll are like 2 peas in a pod working hand in hand and all you need to know about this situation is to learn about Roy Carroll and the American Express Crony Capitalism deal  CLICKHERE 

We also know from the Carolina Journal article that Roy Carroll is part owner in a company called Granite Air LLC here is a link to the Secretary of State of N.C. site with who is the owner of Granite Air LLC CLICKHERE . But according to the Secretary of State site it looks like Granite Air LLC is owned by Richard Vaughn Jr. from Mount Airy. Who is Richard Vaughn ? Who wants to play a game of connect the dots?

Here is a game of connect the crony capitalist dots starting with kingpin Roy Carroll. We know that it looks like Roy Carroll and Richard Vaughn own this plane together with a company called Granite Air LLC. We also know that there is a company called Granite/ Church LLC. and local blogger FEC at Vie De Malchance CLICKHERE   has a great post on who owns this company. This is where the connect the dots really blows up.  This development got tax incentive money from Guilford County and this is where we found out that county commissioner Billy Yow recused himself from the voting of this incentive but did all the water drilling for i am sure a good amnount of money and will in future if this development gets bigger.

The dots will also get even bigger in knowing that Granite/Church LLC is part owned by Greensboro City Council member Robbie Perkins, Stan Hope Johnson, John Stratton who is Greensboro City Council member Zack Matheny's golf buddy CLICKHERE  and Granite Investments which is what Richard Vaughn Jr. owns. Then we also have Chester Brown who also is one of the biggest developers in town go to bat for this company in front of the Guilford County Commissioners CLICKHERE . Then we can go and talk about the relationship between local developer Roy Carroll and Greensboro City Council member Robbie Perkins where Triadwatch had a post about this ethically challenged relationship CLICKHERE .

So now i hope you have followed along and find out about this plane that Roy Carroll owns along with other investors and it looks like he sure did want to show some influence on the state level in flying the Governor where she needed to go . It would be interesting to know who all have flown on this plane especially when we know that there was a lot of secret meetings going on in regards to this American Express deal for eastern guilford county and who knows who was on those trips to meet with their executives at American Express.

Airplane rides and who is on these planes has been a hot topic this past year and a blog called pro publica which is journalism for the public interest has had some great post on this issue .

Below is some of the articles that are must reads for for transparency on all levels of government.

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Court upholds release of corporate jets list sought by propublica CLICKHERE

New York Times article  that corporate jet sometimes makes sense CLICKHERE

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As i have said before it is time for a new state law for local and state politicians in that if you cannot afford to own your own plane then you need to get another form of transportation to get there. No more flying on other peoples plane for your own convenience.

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