Sunday, April 4, 2010

Chester Brown and Guilford County Commissioner Steve Arnold , We Know Who You Are, Video Embedded

At the March 4, 2010 Guilford County Commissioners meeting there was an agenda item below in regards to a new policy from the Guilford County Commissioners called the  Guilford County Commercial Investment Policy Program.Below is part of the application from Granite Church Street LLC.

Guilford County Commercial Investment Policy Program - Public Hearing for the purpose of receiving public input on a request that the Commissioners consider awarding an investment grant for each year for three (3) consecutive years to Granite Church Street, LLC for improvements consisting of a shopping center and retail shops at 5820-5828 Church Street. The investment grant for each of the three (3) years may be an amount up to 0.7374% of the increase in County property tax base over the amount of the property tax base prior to the qualified improvements. The projected real investment for this project based on applicant's information is estimated to be $5,628,079 with an anticipated new job creation of 164


1. Consider a commercial investment grant for Granite Church Street, LLC for its development at 5820-5828 Church Street for three (3) consecutive years. Consistent with the Commercial Investmnet Policy, the investment grant for each of the three (3) years may be an amount up to 0.7374% of the actual increase in County property tax base over the amount of the property tax base prior to the qualified improvements. The investment grant for this project based upon applicant's information is estimated to be $41,504 per year (an estimated total of $124,504 for three years).

2. Authorize the County Manager to execute an agreement consistent with the Guilford County Commercial Investment Policy to provide public funds in an amount up to 0.7374% of the actual increase in County property tax base over the amount of the property tax base prior to the qualified improvements. Terms of agreement consistent with Commercial Investment Policy and subject to staff approval.

 The Greensboro News & Record had a article out with a title "Incentives Lose Favor in Tough Times" CLICKHERE . Then we find out from Vie De Malchance about just who is a part of the Granite Church Street LLC, CLICKHERE  with pictures of the proposed development in question called The Shoppes at Gunter's Crossing.

Why are we giving away taxpayer money to a project that is already going to be built and is in the process of getting built. This whole policy could be illegal anyway just check out this article in business journal CLICKHERE . Also in this article in the business journal it states this"Ernie Pearson, a Raleigh-based attorney for Nexsen Pruet, has been working with the county on its proposal." How much wasted taxpayers money did it cost to use this law firm ?Let's give the award to outgoing Guilford County Commissioner Steve Arnold for the PORKER AWARD given to a local government official who wants to waste government money on crap like this investment policy. Thanks for this gift out the door to your development cronies. 

Look at the first recipients of this policy it takes Chester Brown who is with Brown Investment Properties and looking at the Granite Church LLC is not even a owner to come in front of the county as their representative.Then we come to find out that Greensboro City Council member Robbie Perkins is a part of the ownership team along  John Stratton who had a contentious rezoning case with property on the corner of cornwallis and elm street in Greensboro here is a post about the relationship of Stratton and another Greensboro council member Zack Matheny CLICKHERE

In the video above you will hear County Commissioner Steve Arnold say this about Chester Brown," please state you name and address although i am sure we all already know".The cozy relationship between developers and the  Guilford County Commissioners can be summed up plenty in what Steve Arnold said above.We already know who you are there Chester Brown and with other developers on the county board in Mike Winstead, ex developer Steve Arnold, real estate broker Skip Alston, real estate appraiser Kirk Perkins,real estate broker John Parks, Billy Yow well driller for the developers and last but not least Linda Shaw who is not a developer but sure is cozy with them .

It is time to shine a little light on our Guilford County Commissioners because in a upcoming post you will see how Commissioner Billy Yow tried to take the ethical step in recuse himself from the above incentive grant but Commissioner Kirk Perkins could not understand what a conflict of interest was and is. More post to come on this issue.

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Anonymous said...

Robbie Perkins donated $200 to Linda Shaw in 2006, Stanhope Johnson, another owner of Granite Church Street, gave Linda Shaw $100 in 2006. John Stratton gave Linda Shaw $100 in 2006.

Anonymous said...

Michael P. Winstead Jr. gave Robbie Perkins $250 in 2009.

Anonymous said...

They are going to cut teachers and give Robbie and friends money.

Anonymous said...

Why is Chester Brown representing the LLC?

Anonymous said...

Was the project already underway when the incentive package was passed?

Anonymous said...

Was the Incentive Package voted for after the project started?

Anonymous said...

Did Robbie Perkins disclose to the County Commissioners that he was an owner of the project before they voted to give him money?

Did the County Commissioners knowingly vote for a tax break for an elected official?

Did Robbie Perkins conceal his identity by using the LLC name without mention of his own?

Is Robbie stealing from our children, if he takes money while they fire teachers?

How is this different from what Skip and Deena are trying to get for the Hotel?

If the Hotel needs a $3 Million from the county for a parking deck, and the School board lays off teachers, how are they not trying to steal from our children?

Did Skip know Robbie was going to be a recipient of the money?

Any Quid Pro Quo from the hotel deal?

Is this actually happening in Greensboro?

What do we tell our children?

How will Robbie, Skip and Deena explain how they want to take taxpayer money for personal gain as they fire our teachers?

Where is the morality?

Where are the objections from the community?

Where is the press?

Wait till the teachers find out.

Anonymous said...

When Skip,Linda and John Hammer went after Joe Killian

I wonder if the four of them would be willing to take lie detector tests about the whole grabbing incident.

The News and Record refused to issue a retraction.

I wonder if the Rhino will cover this story. It seems to be in some kind of partnership with Skip, Robbie and the developers.

Anonymous said...

They shouldn't allow these LLC's to apply for stuff without everybody knowing who the owners are.

triadwatch said...

it will be interesting to see if anyone will see this for what it is in the development circles and to note that a huge bulls eye is upon the county commissioners.

There are a lot of questions that should be answered let's see if our local papers qill cover it.

Anonymous said...

I doubt the Rhino will cover it. Hammer fawns all over Robbie.

Anonymous said...

This is part of our favor trading political culture in Greensboro and Guilford County. Skip can count on Perkins support when he needs it and Perkins can count on Skip's support. The offices they hold are purely to promote their financial interests. Take away their offices and they would fail miserably in business.

Samuel "Spag" Spagnola said...

The developer crowd runs the county, and the so-called conservatives on the Board of Commissioners quickly abandon their beliefs if it helps them make money for themselves or their friends.

I just don't remember Ronald Reagan claiming that it was conservative to take taxpayer dollars and give them to millionaires or anyone else to develop profit making private ventures.

Fight back and contribute at

Fec said...

Thanks. Good job tying the usual suspects together.

triadwatch said...

willtry to get to pasrt 2 tonight on the conflict of interest aspect of yow and perkins video is already ready on youtube.

Anonymous said...

Kieth is the man.