Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"Broke City Breaking Employee Contracts"

"The city of Miami is so broke it's forcing employees to take pay cuts, even though they're under contract.

...The city is operating under a state of "fiscal urgency," declared earlier this summer. The budget deficit for next fiscal year is about $110 million.

Are Greensboro's press corps allowed to say
what the City of Greensboro and Guilford County's budget deficits are?
If not, why, and if so, why haven't the government's deficits been disclosed by the press?
The proposed cuts in salary, pension contributions and health insurance costs amounts to about $86 million in savings for the city.

Why would who not want Guilford County residences
to know what the government shortfalls are?

That fiscal urgency declaration allows city commissioners to impose salary cuts on employees, despite their contracts.

...what really stirs some is that this is happening while the city contributes about $125 million in tourism tax dollars to the construction of the new Marlins baseball stadium.

Doesn't that sound like the same kind of money
being spent on a Swimmer Aquarium/Aquatic Center in Greensboro?

...operating expenses and tourism tax dollars are different pots of money, but it's the principle and the wisdom of the spending that's being questioned during the city's most difficult financial time ever."


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Anonymous said...

Perhaps (union) contracts are one of the reasons the city is broke. Either the employees take less or the taxpayers pay more. No alternatives as I see it.