Tuesday, August 31, 2010

If Roy Carroll's Centerpoint is relatively empty, how can Downtown Greensboro be 92% full?

"At the August 19 meeting, the board also heard an annual update from Ed Wolverton, the president of [publicly funded] Downtown Greensboro Inc.

He said a thriving downtown is integral to a thriving county economy.

Because it's a lobbyists job to say that?

Wolverton told the board that, within a one-mile radius of the intersection of Market Street and Elm Street...roughly 2,100 businesses operate within that zone and added that, despite a troubled economy, the occupancy rate for commercial office space in downtown Greensboro remains relatively high.

"2,100", of which how many are lawyers
who want to work near a courthouse and a jail?

"Downtown is 92 percent full," he told the board."

But not including condos?

Or warehouse space?

Or retail space?

He said nine new businesses had opened up in the last year, creating about 100 new jobs.

He didn't mention how many downtown businesses had closed or how many jobs had been lost.

Wolverton also said that, going forward, the big problem facing downtown Greensboro is one everyone is aware of: the great need for more parking...

Is Mr. Wolverton using taxpayer dollars
to lobby elected representatives for more debt and taxes for everyone
to pay for some amenities for a select few "stakeholders,"
many of which fund a majority of the political process?

Scott Yost
Rhino Times

Don't steal from my kids.
George Hartzman

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