Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Skip Alston on Taxes and the Greensboro News and Record

"I am not going to be voting for a budget that's going to cut services to the poor or those that can't help themselves. So don't think that for a minute, regardless of what the News & Record wants to try to portray."

Should the Greensboro News & Record inform the public
as to how much debt Guilford County intends to create in 2010 and 2011
and how much cash the County is spending?
"At the same time we are trying to cut where we can cut with fat within county government. I still think there's a lot of things in Guilford County government that can be run a lot more efficient, and we're looking at those things..."

If Guilford County, North Carolina spent ~$53,161,224
more than received in tax and other revenues in FY 2009/10
and plans to spend $36,695,976 more than expected income in FY 2010/11,
should the county borrow $191,400,000 more in FY 2010/11
and $155,930,000 more in FY 2011/12,
while drawing down $89,857,200 of savings in two years?
Source: Pages 18 and 198, Guilford County adopted FY 2010/11 Budget
"Again, the budget that is passed will be passed by us."

Has the Greensboro News & Record informed the public
of the actual state of the City of Greensboro's or Guilford County's finances?
"And if the majority of this board wants to have a tax increase, then you get six votes and you have a tax increase. It's that simple. We don't have to have a no tax increase."

If Guilford County's revenues are expected to fall about $31 million within 3 years,
should the Greensboro News and Record inform the public?
$566,852,416 Actual 08/09 Revenues
$547,402,275 Amended 09/10 Revenues
$535,745,660 Expected 10/11 Revenues

$566,852,416 Actual 08/09 Revenues
-$535,745,660 Expected 10/11 Revenues
= $31,106,756 Expected Annual Revenue Loss from 08/09

"I would not be voting for a budget with a tax increase because I don't think it's necessary."

If Guilford County could face a $73 million budget deficit in 2011/12
why hasn't the Greensboro News and Record reported it?

Total Principal and Interest Due 2010/12...................$98,352,299
Total Principal and Interest Due 2010/11....................-$70,850,005
Additional Principal and Interest Outlay.....................= $27,502,294
Minus 2010/11 Fund excess surplus elimination........$36,695,976
Plus additional corrections costs for new jail................$9,000,000
Potential 2011/12 Budget Deficit...................................$73,198,270
I think the manager's doing an excellent job of identifying cuts in our county government that's not going to hurt this county. Yes, we're going to have to tighten it up a little bit. We're not used to that. We're usually passing the buck to the taxpayer. But times have to change. And that's why we're trying to make sure we do more with less."

If a family of 2 parents and 3 kids can’t afford a vacation,
and the parents decide on a family election,
in which the 3 kids vote in favor,
who should accept responsibility
when the parents can't pay the mortgage?

..."But if the majority of this board wants to have a 4- or 5-cent tax increase, if you want to give the school board all their money, you don't want to ask any hard and tough questions, you don't want to make the tough decisions, vote for a tax increase."

Greensboro News and Record
Wednesday, May 12, 2010

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