Monday, October 5, 2009

Pigs, Poultry and Kiss The Ass of the Triad Real Estate and Building Industry Coalition

Triad Real Estate and Building Industry Coalition (TREBIC) has a annual gathering in it's 10th year called Pigs, Poultry, and Politics- Old Fashioned Political Rally. Click on the title above or CLICKHERE
If this is a old fashioned political rally it sure is composed of the most connected sponsors who give plenty of campaign contributions to the local politicians. Let's take a closer look at who is sponsoring this political rally.

Thanks to our
2009 Sponsorship Congress members:
Carroll Companies;
Signature Property Group.
Governor: Fairway Outdoor Advertising;
Smith Moore Leatherwood LLP
Senator: BB&T; Brown Investment Properties;
D.R. Horton Homes; ECS, Ltd.;
Isaacson Isaacson Sheridan & Fountain, LLP;
John Davenport Engineering;
John S. Clark Construction.
Commissioner: Arvista Homes;
Higgins Benjamin; K. Hovnanian Homes;
McNairy & Associates Real Estate Appraisers;
Pest Management Inc.
This old fashioned political rally is where TREBIC can tell all the local politicians who runs Guilford County and where do you get your campaign contributions from.This is where Marlene Sanford President of TREBIC can say to the local politicians just how many more TREBIC members can we fit on these boards and commissions in Guilford County especially in the City of Greensboro .
Presidential sponsor:
Carroll Companies and it's main kingpin Roy Carroll and his political action committee called "North Carolinians for Leadership in Government", which in this years election it seems like the PAC is dead and he is giving personally to the campaigns . As noted before on TRIADWATCH, Roy Carroll has a real cozy relationship with Greensboro City Council Member Robbie Perkins CLICKHEREor CLICKHERE for more on Roy Carroll.Also,let's see if Mr. Roy Carroll plans on maybe having a booth set up at the event showing the inside of his personal jet hopefully letting them know that this is off limits as an elected official and all you need to do is ask ex Governor Mike Easley or locally ask the Greensboro Mayor Yvonne Johnson about the ethical aspects of flying on Roy Carroll's private jet.To see more on this here was the post with a title "This Trip on Local Developer Roy Carroll's Plane Stinks To High Heaven",
Governor Sponsor:
Fairway Outdoor Advertising and it's main kingpin W.S. Morris III from Augusta Georgia, between the in kind contributions from Fairway Outdoor Advertising and the campaign contributions to local politicians he is one of the most generous campaign contributors in this county and he doesn't even live here.Once all the campaign forms are turned in we will see how much he has given locally because W.S. Morris likes to give to the campaigns late in the process.
Commissioner Sponsor:
Isaaacson, Isaacson & Sheridan. We like to call them King Zoning Stud Henry Isaacson and his son Little King Zoning Stud Marc Isaacson because if you want to get a zoning case passed in Greensboro or Guilford County these are the one's who give plenty of money to the local politicians campaign coffers and if you haven't seen their DOG AND PONY SHOW it is a masterpiece just go to a Greensboro City Zoning meeting to witness King Zoning Stud in action.
These are just a few of the usual suspects who will be at this Old fashioned political rally. The influence of TREBIC on the local politicians needs to come to an end. When you hear certain politicians come out and say TREBIC has been contacted and TREBIC has some interest, it only goes to show that the FOX is guarding the Hen House and each year they want everyone to know who the FOX actually is.

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