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This Trip on Local Developer Roy Carroll's Plane Stinks To High Heaven

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The Greensboro News & Record has a lead editorial with a title "Say No To Friendly Skies" CLICKHERE

In the editorial this is what was said in the second section

Failing the sniff test?
That may be so, steamed High Point blogger Keith Brown, but this trip "stunk to high heaven."

At issue is the fact that Carroll does business with the city and county governments. He received tax incentives from both entities to help build a new 17-story downtown tower, Center Pointe. Could his generosity with the free flight curry favor for him with elected leaders in the future?

It's a fair question. Yet, in times like these, public-private partnerships are especially valuable and necessary. "If we have private businesses that are willing to help get our elected leaders to a location to bring dollars back to Greensboro, then, by golly, we ought to do it," Sanders said.

There certainly is plenty of precedent for such partnerships in recent years. For instance, the nonprofit economic booster group Action Greensboro footed the bill for jet trips to Oklahoma City for citizens and city leaders in 2002, and Columbus, Ga., and Chattanooga, Tenn., in 2001.

As long as those relationships are up-front and transparent, shouldn't they be permitted for the common good they promote?

In the case of Carroll, yes, he has received incentives and, as a developer, yes, he does periodically come before local boards on zoning matters. But his company is not involved in the South Elm/Lee Street development. "He has no vested interest in what is happening on that site," Sanders said. "All he was trying to do was to be a good citizen."

Let me explain that the quote "stunk to high heaven" was in a email exchange with the News & Record so if you ever send a email to them you might just get quoted with anything you say.

As we have seen from the above quote from Walker Sanders from the Community Foundation he states that Roy Carroll has no vested interest in what is happening on this site.But let's take a look at what was reported in the Triad Business Journal paper edition July 10-16 2009 called Triad Talk from Justin Catanoso with a title on front page "Sanders Simmers Over an Opportunity Wasted" here is what was in the article:

"The normally affable and easy-going Walker Sanders was fuming this week, disappointed that a tough-to-coordinate trip to Washington, D.C., fell apart due to perception problems, and downright angry that too many people in Greensboro “seem to spend more time killing deals than trying to make things happen.”

You say perception problems others say ethical problems just ask the Greensboro City Attorney Terry Wood who said this in the editorial,"City Attorney Terry Wood disagrees. "Regardless of what (the School of Government) says, I'm pretty sure I'm right," said Wood, specifically of General Statute 133-32 that forbids any contractor who "has contract with a government agency" or "anticipates bidding on such a contract in the future" to provide gifts to elected officials who decide on such contracts.
"I am sure this is all well-intended," Wood said, "but Roy Carroll is a contractor with the city."

Then if you read more of the story in the business journal ,this is what was said about this whole elm street project" Essentially, the deal looks like this. The school system would sell the 16 acres it now occupies in Fisher Park, along with other properties around the county , to private developers. The new property tax revenue generated from those sales would help pay the school system's portion of the bonds floated to build the new 250,000-square-foot headquarters on South Elm. City and County bond funds would also pay for the building."

It would be interesting to know just who the private developers are who are going to get the land swap deal from the school system as stated in the business journal. One fact that we know is that Roy Carroll owns land a few blocks away from this property and where does he fit in to this land swap deal or private developers deal because he might not have a financial interest in lee street but he sure does have plenty of property close to the school board buildings and other properties that the school owns in the area that is up for a land swap deal or private developers deal.

Today we have another post from Guarino with a title "The Airplane Trip To D.C., and our Elected Officials" CLICKHERE, great post.

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Roch101 said...

What "land swap deal?" The proposal is for the county to put land up for sale, not swap it. (Unless you mean swap land for money.) The facts are on your side, there is no need to exaggerate.

triadwatch said...

we will see what future brings on this issue and the properties but with what business journal says is that they will sell to private developers, who are those private developers? and we will see what happens on this. Your point is well taken , should i strike through it and say private developer deal?

Roch101 said...

Keith, I just think you can describe things as they simply are on the facts.