Tuesday, July 7, 2009

News 2 Puts Their Own Spin on Cancelled Trip To D.C. for Mayor and Local Developer Roy Carroll

News 2 and Justin Quesinberry with video embedded above try to explain to the citizens of Guilford County and the citizens of Greensboro how flying on local developer and campaign donor Roy Carroll's jet to D.C. was fine and dandy.

Attorneys for Guilford County and the City of Greensboro had concerns for local elected officials flying on local developer Roy Carroll's jet.In the video above the Mayor of Greensboro Yvonne Johnson had this to say,"I didn't know , that any of us did at the time ,that if you have done business in the past that is not a good way to go" .

Business in the past how about $2 million dollars in city-county tax incentives on Center City Pointe.

Then you can add Roy Carroll's North Carolinians for Leadership in Government Political Action Committee with the Mayor and 6 sitting Greensboro City council members in 2007 receiving $1,000 in campaign contributions. Except for Sandra Anderson Groat who lost her thousand dollar check and had to settle for $900 and some dollars.

While we are at it we can add Greensboro City Council member Robbie Perkins who is the leasing agent for Roy Carroll's Center City Pointe here is the article on that one at Triadwatch CLICKHERE.

Then we can also talk about what happened just on April 30, 2009 where here is the post on Roy Carroll wanting to amend parking deck agreement with the city of Greensboro CLICKHERE

How about Roy Carroll wanting to scrap the whole downtown design manual that has been talked about in the past few months.

Can we go on and on on this and not to mention his property on horse pen creek road as well.

To hear the community foundation president Walker Sanders say this,"For us to take our elected officials to Washington, there's nothing illegal or nothing wrong with us doing that. We as a community have to realize we have to do that."
No you don't have to do that and you shouldn't be offering Roy Carroll's plane to do that.You might want to go to UNC School of Government and talk to A Fleming Bell with his book titled"Ethics, Conflicts, and Offices: A Guide for Local Officials; County Government in North Carolina ", CLICKHERE

As reported in the online post at digtriad click on the title above here is what the Mayor of Greensboro said "I don't mind using my money," Johnson said when asked by WFMY News 2 about using the allotment instead of the jet."
It is funny to see the mayor say "my money" but as stated in the online edition that didn't get mentioned in the video. Here is what our local elected officials get for travel expense money,"Greensboro City Council members receive $3,500 a year for travel expenses. Guilford County Commissioners are allowed a maximum of $1,500 for out of state travel (as much as $2,500 if the county manager approves additional money for travel).

This whole trip was unethical from the beginning and to see that both the attorneys offices in this county had issues with this trip shows you that the correct avenue is to not take the jet of a major local developer to D.C. use your taxpayer expense account and fly commercial to D.C. or in the words of the mayor "my money".

Here are other post on this issue ROCH 101 CLICKHERE

Triadwatch post in past week CLICKHERE with a title"Developer Roy Carroll's Plane Will Sit on Tarmac While Mayor and Chairman Ponder Standards"


Fecund Stench said...

Excellent. You're demonstrating a real talent for cataloging local gov'mental mendacity.

I'm sure Mayor Johnson wishes she could have those words back. They also struck me as inappropriate.

triadwatch said...

thanks for that. If you didn't read the online post then you wouldn't have seen that part of it. I quess that will teach me to see the video from digtriad then also see the online print edition and to see if anything online was not in video , like that nugget of "my money"