Monday, July 6, 2009

FIling For Elections in Guilford County Have Begun and Here is a List of the Candidates

The filing for the upcoming elections have begun in Guilford County . To see the whole list of candidates from today click on the title above or CLICKHERE then proceed to 2009 candidate filings.

Triadwatch will have a listing of all the candidates on the left side of the blog with links to each candidate who provides a web site for the citizens to see. If you are a candidate and wish to have your web site linked on Triadwatch e-mail me with your information.

Here is a few of the candidates who have filed today, and UPDATE on 7-7-09
Mayor of Greensboro
Yvonne Johnson
Greensboro At Large, Seats To Fill 3
Marikay Abuzuaiter
Danny Thompson
Sandra Anderson Groat
Max Benbassat
Greensboro District #1, Seats To Fill 1
T.Dianne Bellamy-Small
Ben Holder
Greensboro District #2, Seats To Fill 1
Jim Kee
Greensboro District #3, Seats To Fill 1
Zack Matheny
George Hartzman
Greensboro District #4, Seats To Fill 1
Joseph W Rahenkamp
Joel Landau
Greensboro District #5, Seats To Fill 1
Art S. Boyett
Mayor of Jamestown
Jamestown Town Council, Seats To Fill 4
Georgia Nixon-Roney
Will Ragsdale
Mayor of Pleasant Garden
Anne Kearns Hice
Town of Pleasant Garden, Seats To Fill 1
Henry F. Tripp
Town of Sedalia, Seats To Fill 3
Ophelia Jones
Valerie Marie Mack
Town of Summerfield, Seats To Fill 2
Richard Paul Lovett
Whitsett Town Council, Seats To Fill 2
Lee (Monk) Greeson
Sedgefield Sanitary District, Seats To Fill 5
Robert R. Davis

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Fecund Stench said...

You beat YES! Weekly by a couple of hours, but they have MapQuest links.

triadwatch said...

I saw that, but triadwatch also has a permanent place on blog till the elections end. If you know of any web sites from the candidates let me know.