Sunday, October 5, 2008

Brooks Pierce Law Firm + Greensboro City = $72,909.64 PAYDAY

Looking at the Greensboro City Council agenda with attachments for Tuesday October 7, 2008 click title above where total disbursements from invoice number 201824 - 203172 = 18,510,473.43 that is 18 million and proceed to page #127 or CLICKHERE and proceed to current agenda with attachments it seems like a local law firm Brooks, Pierce, McLendon, Humphrey & Leonard for legal services for 6/08 has billed the city of Greensboro $72,909.64.

As noted before in a post on September 6, 2008 CLICKHERE . The cozy relationship between this Law Firm and the City of Greensboro is exposed for all to see. The total conflicts and ethical lapses where the city uses this law firm as their lobbyist and then has a certain lawyer who in 2006 was actually the lobbyist for the City of Greensboro bring cases up in front of the City Council needs to be brought in the open for all the citizens of Greensboro to be aware and if you have a zoning case in future and Derek Allen is representing the opposition it should be noted the history of this law firm with the City of Greensboro and make a note that Derek Allen was a lobbyist for the City of Greensboro back in 2006.

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