Monday, October 6, 2008

Let's Save The City of Greensboro $19,000

While looking at the disbursements made by the City of Greensboro Treasurer for 9-15-08 , you can see the whole disbursements from the Greensboro City Council agenda by clicking on the title of this post or CLICKHERE , then proceed to current agenda with attachments.

On page#126 vouchers issued against approved contracts for equipment, supplies & items purchased by council approval. One item that could help save the citizens of Greensboro and City Manager Mitch Johnson in their process of finding access pork in a budget is for $19,000 to pay for membership dues in the American Public Transit Association CLICKHERE .

According to the web site the Piedmont Area Regional Transportation otherwise known as PART is already a member of this association. If the city wants to save $19,000 this endeavor could go away but someone in the City of Greensboro staff will make a pitch that it is necessary to be a member of this Association where only 3 other N.C. cities are members Charlotte, Wilmington and Winston Salem according to the web site on members. Let's also add Winston Salem to the mix of doing away with this association because PART is the umbrella organization of regional transportation. Pool everyone's resources together to pay for this and save the City of Greensboro $19,000.

To TRIADWATCH this is pork that needs to be chopped up and thrown away .

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