Sunday, October 5, 2008

Guilford County Sample Ballot and Bottom to Top listing of Candidates

Triadwatch has compiled a listing of all the candidates for office on the Guilford County Ballot listed from bottom of the ballot to the top of the ballot , except for the judges but do have a link to the Republican and Democratic judges web site. If you are undecided or decided, thinking about a candidate and their positions, then look on the left hand side of TRIADWATCH to see all the candidates listed and links to their web site. If there is a candidate listed with no web site please post a comment with the proper link and it will be changed.

If you want to see or print out a sample ballot please click on the title above or CLICKHERE , then proceed to Composite Sample Ballot.

The Guilford County Board of Elections will offer early voting in places all over the county CLICKHERE . It is recommended to take advantage of early voting so that the lines will not be as long to vote on November 4, 2008. One of the biggest deterrants to new voters is seeing long lines at the voting booth, let's not see this happen this year. Also ,if you have a chance to see the sample ballot it is very long and will take a little bit longer to fill out than in the past. So take your time ,make your decision and be proud to vote.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for making this available. Beau

Roch101 said...


I'm pretty sure I have this right, but you might actually know the statute that applies. Aren't businesses prohibited from contributing support to candidates for office?

I ask because school board candidate Sandra Alexander promotes her candidacy on her business website. What do you think?

triadwatch said...

thanks beau, and Roch good point. Let me do a little research and check with Brenda Wallace at Guilford Board of Elections, it might be sometime this week that I can get in touch with her. Thanks for that observation Roch , it just blew right past me about her place to promote her candidancy.

Here is what I can get from the general statutes, on her web site it says vote and here is the ncgs

§ 163‑278.14A. Evidence that communications are "to support or oppose the nomination or election of one or more clearly identified candidates."

(a) Either of the following shall be means, but not necessarily the exclusive or conclusive means, of proving that an individual or other entity acted "to support or oppose the nomination or election of one or more clearly identified candidates":

(1) Evidence of financial sponsorship of communications to the general public that use phrases such as "vote for", "reelect", "support", "cast your ballot for", "(name of candidate) for (name of office)", "(name of candidate) in (year)", "vote against", "defeat", "reject", "vote pro‑(policy position)" or "vote anti‑(policy position)" accompanied by a list of candidates clearly labeled "pro‑(policy position)" or "anti‑(policy position)", or communications of campaign words or slogans, such as posters, bumper stickers, advertisements, etc., which say "(name of candidate)'s the One", "(name of candidate) '98", "(name of candidate)!", or the names of two candidates joined by a hyphen or slash.

Roch101 said...

Here is the NC Board of Elections guidelines for campaigns (I don't know why they zipped it).

Search the word business and you'll soon get to the relevant portion that basically says a business cannot support a campaign through financial or in-kind contributions.

triadwatch said...

I will send a e-mail to the guilford boe about this and if it can fly. Will keep you informed.

triadwatch said...

roch I was off by one it was 163.278.15 and the state board has informed Mrs. Alexander that she has to take down her web site from her business.Thanks for the pick up Roch