Monday, September 22, 2008

North Carolina Conflicts of Interest at It's Best Compliments from NCDOT, Appraisal Board, and State Sen. Hoyle

"Back on September 7, 2008 the Charlotte Observer reports this CLICKHERE. David Hoyle North Carolina State Senator Democrat from Gaston County, stands to profit off parkway.The Gaston Democrat invested in land near a proposed exit, then voted for the expressway. The lawmaker says he was unaware the exit was so close when he invested."

"Now let's move to September 21, 2008 the Raleigh News and Observer reports this CLICKHERE . Road work enhanced official's property.Board of Transportation member Louis W. Sewell Jr. says all projects he backed were in the public interest.A state Board of Transportation member from Jacksonville steered roughly $375,000 in public money to road improvements adjacent to properties that he or a son co-owned at the time."

Now let's move to September 22, 2008 the Greensboro News and Record reports this CLICKHERE or click title of story above. Senate leader Democrat Marc Basnight has appointed a real estate lawyer to the North Carolina Appraisal Board, an apparent violation of a state law that requires the seat be filled by someone not involved in the real estate profession.


This type of corruption is sad to see but if you look further in to some of these stories you can see a pattern for all to witness right here in Guilford County Politics.

Here is what was said in the third report above.

In North Carolina, the investigation showed the board has allowed appraisers who have been disciplined over and over to stay in business. Many repeat offenders had their suspensions reduced if they agreed to take appraiser education classes.
Ipock and others attributed those problem in part to the North Carolina's "good old boy system - where all the appraisers and board members know each other."
They said the board has been reluctant to discipline repeat offenders.
"That's why we need people outside the industry on the board," Ipock said

As you can see there is a good old boy system set up on these boards and commissions on the state level, just like locally where the good old boy network is plain to see on the Greensboro Board of Adjustment, Zoning Board, Land Development Ordinance Committee and Planning Board where the Triad Real Estate and Building Industry Coalition (TREBIC) behind the scenes make the moves.

Let's also take a look at 2 local Greensboro City Council Members by the name of Robbie Perkins and Zack Matheny who went on a land grab out off of Highway 68 with anonymous investors knowing that a future interstate connector road will be going in that area in future. As reported on TRIADWATCH CLICKHERE . I hope they don't try to get NCDOT Chairman Doug Galyon to curry any favors for their property off of Highway 68 because it will be obvious what they are trying to do in future, and the good old boys will get exposed.

If you can see by what has been reported that conflicts of interest, good old boy network and ethical problems are rampant in this state and need to come to a halt. We need to hold our politicians to a standard that is free of conflicts , and have ethical standards for a change.Sometimes politicians are like diapers they need changing. It might be time to change the diapers in plenty of local and state races.

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