Friday, June 14, 2013

Through The Grapevine TREBIC President Applies for Downtown Greensboro Job

As the saying goes "I heard it through the GRAPEVINE" that unofficial now official lobbyist for the Triad Real Estate and Building Industry Coalition aka "TREBIC CARTEL" Marlene Sanford has applied to become the next president of Downtown Greensboro Inc. (DGI) .

The DGI search committee is in the process of hiring a new president to replace Ed Wolverton who leaves post July 1st.  

It is interesting to note that Marlene Sanford is applying for this job. Does this mean that the TREBIC CARTEL has lost it's luster locally or that she wants a new career path for herself? If the search committee is smart they would not hire from a contingency of the usual suspects but hire a fresh face from outside the area.

The blog dang has a post titled "Action Greensboro's leaders make a run for it"  with a few more usual suspects in Cecelia Thompson and April Harris who are wanting to be president at DGI. One anonymous commentor had this to say,
"April Harris is about to get fired. Susan Schwartz of the Cemala foundation has been lobbying hard against her. Dabney Sanders is also lobbying Jim Melvin for her dismissal."

Looks like the committee will have a tough choice to either hire from within or get a new fresh face to Downtown Greensboro.

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Anonymous said...

April Harris is about to lose her job and so is Lee Mortensen of dgi. She will be replaced soon.