Sunday, June 23, 2013

Greensboro Guardian Gone, Triad Conservative New Blog In Town

Heard the news today that the Greensboro Guardian will no longer have blog post in the area.

News of a new blog called Triad Conservative  is now going to hit the area , here is the greetings from this blog:

"I am pleased to announce the start-up of a new blog.  Triad Conservative will be devoted to commentary and news on local and state issues.  In addition, cultural, pro-life and pro-family matters will be discussed.  Finally, we will cover health policy and perhaps other topics as time permits.
I will be posting here approximately twice weekly; and will be running the blog. 
But Charles Davenport-- the best columnist the Greensboro News and Record ever had-- will post here periodically also.
Would you like to receive our new posts automatically?  If so, please go here to sign up.  
Please note that this new blog has a comment policy.  It is found on our "About" page.  The policy reads as follows:
Respectful comments that contribute to the conversation are welcome. There is a required sign-in process; and all comments will be moderated. We reserve the right to edit or to refrain from publishing comments that contain profanity or indecency; or that, in our judgment, are unacceptably inappropriate.
This blog is initiated in response to Charles' decision to cease any new activity at the Greensboro Guardian.  I appreciate very much his allowing me to post there over the last year or so.  
The Guardian certainly will be missed.  Charles has decided to write a book and pursue other endeavors; but I eagerly anticipate his contributions here.
Welcome aboard!
Joe Guarino
- See more at "

Good luck with the new blog Joe.