Wednesday, May 1, 2013

THANK YOU RHINO TIMES for Years of Service to the Triad Community

Triadwatch would like to thank the Rhinoceros Times for their service to the whole triad community with their reporting of local news for the past 20 years. It was a shocker to hear the news about the closing of the Rhino Times but as we see in the last post from John Hammer he says this"And we'd like to add that The Rhino Times will continue to have a web presence for as long as possible."

Hopefully John Hammer can bounce back from this and become a web savy reporter especially hearing from our picture embedded

this quote in the Greensboro News and Record “I think it’s good news for the city,” Perkins said. “It’s sad to see any business fail, but I’ll be glad to see the negativism they inject into the city every week go away.”

Thanks for taking the high road on this subject the Jack Ass Mayor of Greensboro was quoted in paper and we see ROCH101 with a great post to boot on the Mayor.

One aspect of the Rhino Times that has been very controversial to local government employees is the list of salaries each year from city,county,and school system which is a huge eye opener to seeing all the salaries of our local government. Who might take up this mantle since the Rhino is no longer in existence? Here is a link to a post I did on the 2012 edition of the local salaries that stays in top 5 most looked at post on triadwatch,  CLICKHERE

Thursdays will never be the same in regards to picking up the Rhino Paper for the past 20 years but hopefully we will see them all bounce back and provide the Triad area with some valuable reporting for all of us to read.


Billy Jones said...

John Hammer has long been a hero to Greensboro, Remember the Rhino!

keith brown said...

And we have ex editors of news and record say jerk off comments like this from jr"@johnrobinson: People ask what I think about the Rhino. It wasn't as powerful as many think but it filled a necessary political niche in Greensboro."