Sunday, May 12, 2013

Senator Wade's Public Notice Bill #287 Headed to House Floor Next Week,

Senate Bill #287 with primary sponsor in Local Guilford Delegation Senator Dr. Trudy Wade is making it's way through the House side of the North Carolina Legislature and it looks like it will come up for a House vote on Tuesday May 14th 2013 . Here is a report from the North Carolina League of Municipalities who are in favor of this bill,

"Two bills advanced by the House Judiciary Subcommittee B Wednesday would grant certain counties and the municipalities wholly within those counties electronic notice authority. SB 287 Notice Publication by Some Local Govs and HB 504 Local Electronic Notice each grant specific counties and their municipalities the option of publishing legally required notices on their own websites and through other means, rather than purchasing advertising space in a print newspaper. Municipalities chose electronic notice authority as an advocacy goal because current law requires them to spend upwards of $4 million annually on newspaper advertising statewide, at a time when print newspaper readership is declining and newspaper readers are not looking for public notices. Both bills now head to the House floor likely next week. SB 287 has already passed the Senate and would become law if it is approved by the full House without any changes. HB 504 would still need Senate approval before becoming law."

Then we have the North Carolina Press Association who is having a conniption over the idea of saving taxpayers money and having local governments provide the public notice to their taxpayers, check out 
MEMBER ALERT on their front page.


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