Wednesday, May 22, 2013

N.C. Press Blowhards Won Battle But Not War in Regards to Public Notices in North Carolina

The associated press"AP" is reporting this for all the newspapers with a headline "NC Newspapers Tout Win Over Public Notice Bill"

One bill that passed crossover in the North Carolina Legislature is Senate Bill #287 and is still alive in the North Carolina House of Representatives.

In the AP report this is said,"Rep. Marilyn Avila, R-Wake, successfully pushed for an amendment that replaced the whole bill with her own measure maintaining newspaper control but with discounted rates in cases of multiple notices and free Web publishing."

Here is a report from the NC Press blowhards

"The amendment to HB 755 was sponsored by Rep. Marilyn Avila (R)-Wake. Her amendment completely substituted the language of the DENR public notices bill with the language of HB 723, the NCPA-backed compromise bill.
The vote shown are on the amendment. The main bill, as amended,was not voted on by the House on May 15. The amendment was also being attached to HB 504 and SB 287. All three bills were re-referred to the House Rules Committee."
What is interesting to see is how the NC Press blowhards want to substitute their pathetic do nothing bill as a whole substitution and they want to attach this amendment to Senate Bill #287 if it comes in front of the NC House since this is the last bill standing that will save millions in taxpayer money all over this state.

What needs to be done is that the blowhards from NC Press can add this amendment house bill 723 to senate bill 287  but it WILL NOT COMPLETELY substitute the whole language that is already in Senate Bill 287. The NC Press blowhards can have their amendment added to the cities and counties who want to live in the 1940's and keep on wasting taxpayer money at a dying product but allow the cities and counties who understand this is 2013 and they can provide this information to their constituents and save the taxpayers million of dollars.


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