Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Greensboro City Council Saves $25,000 Not Giving TREBIC Lobbyist Contract Has Been Pulled

The City of Greensboro did the right thing and pulled this item from the city council meeting on
32. Resolution authorizing contract between the City of Greensboro and TREBIC (Triad Real Estate and Building Industry Coalition) to assist with the Jordan Lake Rules legislation.

(Council District: all) (roll call vote) (Attachment # 32 to Councilmembers)

This issue was talked about a few weeks ago in this blog post titled

$25,000 Greensboro Contract with Unofficial now Official Lobbyist Marlene Sanford President of the Most Powerful Lobbyist Group in the Triad. What a Waste of Taxpayers Money!

Hopefully we can also work on the stacked decks that TREBIC likes to do on plenty of boards and commissons  for example with a blog post titled "RUCO with Stacked Deck on Board from Lobbyist Group Wants State Law To Help Their Cause " CLICKHERE

I am sorry if you cannot find a link to a Greensboro News and Record article in a blog post on triadwatch from the past because they totally wiped out their links when they updated their web site.


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