Sunday, June 3, 2012

Porker of the Month ,Greensboro City Council Women Dianne Bellamy Small for the $90k Waste of Taxpayers Money Study

Lately we have had some great nominees for the Porker of the Year Awards handed out to our local government and their wasteful spending on harleys from Sheriff Barnes CLICKHERE and now we see in the Greensboro News and Record that T Dianne Bellamy Small and i am sure with the blessing of the Greensboro City Council throw away $90,000 on a study of East Greensboro and why retailers are not going tothis part of town.

The report titled,  STUDY: Eastern Greensboro Needs Retail CLICKHERE and in the comments section it has over 62 comments .

Here is a taste of what has been written in the comments:

BOSCO writes this
"Ask Tabb to take that 90 grand he just ripped off from the City and put it towards a down payment for a new East G'boro shopping center. I think you will find Mr.Tabb to be long gone. This ship of fools downtown can beat this dead horse without blowing the taxpayer's money on "consultants" that gladly give you the BS you want to hear and run all the way to their out of town bank"

Brian 444 writes this

"I applaud the consultant for making $90k for telling Ms. Bellamy-Small what she wished to hear. I would have done the job for half the price. Unfortunately, businesses such as Costco and Target cannot make a profit in the same manner, and need not locate their stores in undesirable locations such as those stipulated in the consultant's report. "
 Then we see that editorial board member of the Greensboro News and Record Allen Johnson have a blog post titled , "Does East Get The Least" CLICKHERE . This is what i had to say to Allen Johnson

"Why do you need to waste $90,000 when the mayor is president of one of the largest commercial real estate companies in area . Where should this development be in east Greensboro? Cone already retail, summit already retail, east market street has grocery and retail. Phillips avenue had grocery and not a desirable place for it but not far from summit or cone. Hicone road has retail and grocery. This study was a complete waste of taxpayers money but don't let you not point absurdity of the study. Will news and record do a public records request so that we can see the whole study and point out it's ridiculous points. Check out what Bosco said in comments on story and I agree 100%. This along with sheriff Barnes spending 86 grand on Harley's to drive around dignitaries is the guilford county porker of the month award from citizens against government waste.
Where is this area in question that needs the trebic cartel to come to? Please have the news and record produce the 90 grand study and really look at the study instead of sticking to talking points"

As i said above,  why would you need to spend 90k on a study when you have the Mayor of Greensboro Robbie Perkins from NAI Piedmont Triad who is president of one of the top five largest Triad Commercial realty brokerages in the area. They have at their fingertips every demographic probably known to man to show their clients where the best place to be is in regards to commercial development in Guilford County .

But as we see the City of Greensboro spearheaded by T. Dianne Bellamy Small waste the taxpayers money on some consultant from Atlanta named Michael Tabb from Red Rock Global to tell her what she needed to hear and bill the taxpayers $90,000 in the process.

This study will be nominated as our June Porker of the Month for the Guilford County edition of Citizens Against Government Waste.

A public records request will be forthcoming to see the whole study in it's entirety .


Don Moore said...

Porker of the Month should be a Regular Feature. I'm sure there are plenty of examples.

triadwatch said...

Don we could just have this for fiefdom brown at coliseum

triadwatch said...

Barnes and tdbs waste was back to back