Friday, May 18, 2012

Sheriff Barnes Gets Porker of the Month from Guilford County Citizens Against Government Waste

HAT TIP Rhino Times

Article titled "Sheriff Gets Harleys Help Counting Cash" CLICKHERE

We would like to give the Guilford County Citizens Against Government Waste Porker of the Month Award to Sheriff Barnes with his total waste of taxpayers money and yes even drug money confiscated is taxpayers money spent wisely but as we see in the article from rhino times below.

" At the May 3 meeting, the board voted unanimously to let Barnes spend the money on the cash counter – and on four Harley-Davidson motorcycles as well. The commissioners didn't ask about the cash counting machine, but they did have questions about the Sheriff's Department's request to buy four new motorcycles.

The agenda item was a request to purchase four 2012 Harley-Davidson police-equipped motorcycles from the lowest bidder, which was Harley-Davidson of Greensboro, for $86,740. The four slick new rides will also be paid for out of the Unauthorized Substance Tax Fund balance.

Barnes said the motorcycles will be used for dignitary visits to the county, funeral escorts, search and rescue operations, escorting group motorcycle and bike rides and patrol operations. "

I am sure there is a better way to spend this money in the Sheriff's Department than to escort dignitaries all over town with their new pretty harley davidson motorcycle's. You can do all of these escorts in patrol cars and spend this money on a need in the department not a want like these motorcycle's are.


Don Moore said...

Don't blame BJ - it's all these politicians that are soiling our land. It's cheaper to give the Motorcycle escort than a fully loaded roadster.

triadwatch said...

would have liked to see this money go to important needs like maybe kevlar vest for officers who don't have them or some other item that is needed in department not some pr tool for the sheriff

Anonymous said...

They most certainly could pull form some of the Fed. (HSA etc) handouts if their goal was "to protect dignitaries" and similar. Pretty lame to use that as your first line to justify blowing 100k. Maybe use it towards dealing with parking lot/eminent domain fiasco for parking for all the new jail employees. Save it for future law suits against the dept, maybe use it the next time they NEED something for the men/women in the dept. vs. toys.