Sunday, May 6, 2012

GN&R's Taft Wireback PTI Propaganda

"...the airport ranks high among the efforts to reinvent a regional economy
devastated by the loss of 90,000 jobs from 2000 to 2010.

...Once I-73 construction wraps up at the airport, PTI plans its own big-ticket item:
A $56 million bridge and taxiway over the new road
to encourage industrial development on a huge site across the way.

Will the I-73 construction
benefit the land Robbie Perkins and Zack Matheny invested in
before GTCC got water and sewer?

Who gets to pay for the bridge?

The airport already owns hundreds of acres in that area,
and its leaders ultimately hope to assemble a total of 1,200 acres.

A little "shovel ready" action?

...The airport already buoys the regional economy by generating 12,248 jobs,
either directly and indirectly, said Don Jud,
a Greensboro economist who studied PTI’s impact on the Triad economy late last year.

Where is the math that shows this?

PTI’s growth plan could more than double that, Jud predicted.

$4,667 per new job to be paid for by whom?

Doesn't PTI have shovel ready land ready to go?

“The economic impact of the expansion
is estimated to be larger than that of the present airport,”...

“The expansion is expected to generate annually
— directly and indirectly
— $3.2 billion in additional business revenue for the region,
18,419 new jobs and $1 billion in labor income,” Jud said.

Where is the math and assumptions that show this?

...every job brought to the airport
triggers two jobs elsewhere in the regional economy...


Those are powerful statistics in a region struggling to redefine its economic place in the world,
amidst a lingering nationwide recession.

“We were in a recession before the recession,”...

PTI “has been a great success story in this period when we’ve been losing jobs.”

Taft Wireback


InventorNC said...

No doubt about it. Businesses want deliveries fast, faster than ever before.

Those businesses will want to locate near our FedEx sites for the fastest delivery to customers all over the world.

Honda is a great catch but FedEx is the prize!

Anonymous said...

Why cant the bridge be built before the highway? We keep waiting for the highway to be built first. Why?

Build the airport's bridges first and let them build the highway later.