Sunday, May 6, 2012

Fec on the News & Record Fallout on Amendment One: Lex, Ed Cone and Robin Saul

Notable Greensboro Partnership Board Members (partly publicly funded),
which gave the Quarter Cent Tax Committee $10,500.

Mr. Robin Saul News & Record
Mr. Arthur Samet Samet Corporation
Mr. Roy E. Carroll III The Carroll Companies
Ms. Deborah L. Hooper WFMY News 2
Mr. Randall Kaplan Capsule Group, LLC
Mr. Jim Melvin Joseph M. Bryan Foundation of Greater Greensboro
Mr. Charles E. Melvin Jr. Smith Moore Leatherwood LLP
Mr. Stephen D. Showefty Koury Corporation
Mr. H. Walker Sanders Community Foundation of Greater GSO
Mr. R. Steve Bowden, R. Steve Bowden & Associates
Ms. Susan S. Schwartz, Cemala Foundation

Was GN&R Editorial Board Member and Publisher Robin Saul
one of an undisclosed list of participants surveyed for a secret study,
whose purpose may be to sell more debt
to City of Greensboro and Guilford County taxpayers?

If Greensboro News & Record Publisher and Editorial Contributor
Robin Saul, was on the Greensboro Downtown
Economic Development Strategy Advisory Group, author of the PAC plan,
that showed the News and Record's property as a possible location,
should the Editorial Board disclose said conflict of interest
or should they lie by omission?

"In politics, nothing happens by accident.

If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way."

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Should the Greensboro News and Record
be involved with the Downtown Area Consolidated Plan Committee
and the taxpayer funded Greensboro Partnership?

Isn't the downtown Greenway
promoted by the taxpayer funded Downtown Area Consolidated Plan Committee
and the taxpayer funded Greensboro Partnership
of which the Greensboro News and Record’s Robin Saul
serves on the Advisory Team for the former and the Board of Directors for the latter?

Should a journalist with employers serving on committees
whose objective is to promote taxpayer indebtedness
insert opinions in news stories facilitating “advocacy efforts”?

Should Greensboro News and Record employees who can influence “unbiased” news reporting
serve on committees that advocate for increased taxpayer indebtedness with registered lobbyists?

Should the news industry be involved in lobbying?

What does Allen Johnson, Doug Clark and Robin Saul of Greensboro's paper of record say
after an intentionally manipulated election,
"Don't mention the $40 million plus the city has lost, or the $8 million annual loss going forward
because of the White Street Landfill?

How could a majority of Greensboro taxpayers feel about Greensboro's media not reporting
what could be some candidate's willingness to exchange about $175 million of other people's property taxes
for the chance to become Greensboro's election winners
by playing a race card over the White Street Landfill issue?

If 2011's City Council election was a referendum on the landfill
how could it not have been considered Black against White instead of financial and sustainability issues
if the Greensboro News & Record Editorial Board
took what most believe to be a financial budget issue
and converted it into a race based campaign propaganda platform
that brought out minority and thought controlled voters at the News & Record's behest?

How many know that Greensboro News & Record Publisher Robin Saul
is a member of the Greensboro Partnership Board of Directors
who promoted what may be unstainable debt on our community
while the entire Editorial Board enjoys free tickets to every event
at the Greensboro Coliseum and War Memorial Auditorium?

If the Greensboro News & Record's Robin Saul
is on the Greensboro Partnerships Board of Directors, which is a TREBIC member,
did the Editorial Board sell out Greensboro's renters?

If the Greensboro News & Record Editorial Board Member Robin Saul,
is a Board Member of the publicly funded Greensboro Partnership which funds TREBIC,
should the paper disclose Mr. Saul's conflict of interest?

If money is fungible, did Greensboro's taxpayers indirectly fund the lobbying that killed RUCO
by funding the Greensboro Partnership which, as a member of TREBIC,
funded the wishes of our local real estate industry?

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