Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mayor Perkins Reversal of Recusal on Penthouse Neighbor RIchie Rich Roy Carroll

With this post on Triadwatch last week titled "Greensboro Mayor Perkins Recuses in '09 But Votes in '12 on Richie Rich Roy's Center Pointe"

We see from today in the Greensboro News and Record Inside Scoop this post titled "On Second Look, Mayor Will Have To recuse Himself from Vote"

Then we have the interim City Attorney Waterman say this in his opinion of the recusal of Mayor Perkins from the Park View Development vote:

Ordinance Amending the General Fund On April 3
rd the City Council also amended the City’s general fund budget to disburse economic development grant funds awarded by Guilford County to Park View Development, L.L.C. The item passed 9-0. Mayor Perkins is the listing agent for certain property owned by Park View Development, L.L.C. However, Mayor Perkins is not a member, manager or owner of Park View Development, L.L.C. As such, he does not receive any of the economic development grant funds designated for Park View Development, L.L.C. During the meeting Mayor Perkins confirmed that he would not receive any of the economic development grant funds awarded by Guilford County. Based on those facts I opined that Mayor Perkins did not have an impermissible conflict of interest in amending the City’s general fund budget to disburse economic development funds to Park View, L.L.C.

However, financial interests can be beneficial or detrimental. Upon further reflection, it can reasonably be argued that Mayor Perkins was subjected to a potential financial detriment, e.g. the potential loss of his real estate listings with Park View Development, L.L.C. As such, I am revising my prior opinion to reflect that Mayor Perkins appears to have an impermissible conflict of interest in this matter. While the item passed unanimously, I am recommending that: (1) on April 16th the City Council votes to excuse Mayor Perkins from this item; and (2) the remaining disinterested Councilmembers vote on the amendment to the general fund budget.

The analysis of a Councilmember’s potential conflicts of interest is very fact-specific and nuanced. Determinations should not be made spontaneously. Accordingly, I am respectfully requesting that Councilmembers discuss any potential conflicts of interest with the City Attorney well before the item is being considered at a Council meeting. I apologize for any inconvenience to Council resulting from my earlier opinion. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns about this matter.

As you see from the above memo to Greensboro City Council members we see that the Interim Attorney wants any conflicts that need to be addressed before the council meeting happens. Well ,let me give you another conflict between Mayor Perkins and  Richie Rich Roy Carroll . It so happens at this past Greensboro City Council meeting we had this passed with a unaminous vote.:

12. Resolution calling a public hearing for April 16, 2012 to consider requests from developers for public participation in corporate parks in or near the City of Greensboro in accordance with the Urban Development Investment Guidelines

One of the request is to give a grant to Roy Carroll for land in unincorporated Guilford County  for over  $5,360,766 for a BS shovel ready project . Let us remember as to who should pay for water and sewer like this youtube video shows you,

It is also intersting to see Roy Carroll talking about his project off of Horse Pen Creek Road from the above video and to see how a few years later look and see who's for sale sign is on the property below

None other than the Mayor of Greensboro is selling property for Roy Carroll off of Horse Pen Creek Road at Jessup Grove Road next to Hayleigh Village Apartments. This ruling by the interim attorney and a complete reversal from what he had to say at council meeting will make for a interesting April 16, 2012 Greensboro City Council meeting because as we know developer Roy Carroll has a bunch of land in Eastern Guilford County and i am sure not all of the property will be used for a business park but will be a mixed use development and knowing as we see from the above and also the mayor is the leasing agent for Roy Carroll at Center Pointe it will be very hard for the Mayor NOT to recuse himself from the shovel ready economic bond money they want for the property in eastern Guilford County to give to Richie Rich Roy Carroll.

It is great to see 2 local bloggers on triadwatch making a difference in local politics without the help of even being on the local aggregator.


Anonymous said...

Good call to get that to the City Attorney's attention.
"Nip it in the bud..."

triadwatch said...

let's see if the mayor will recuse himself before the vote on this one.