Tuesday, April 17, 2012

John Hammer: "Mujeeb Shah-Khan Front-runner for Greensboro City Attorney"

"...the details of a contract to be offered
to Charlotte Senior Assistant City Attorney Sardar Mujeeb Shah-Khan
to be Greensboro's city attorney.

...Shah-Khan has been with the Charlotte city attorney's office since August 2002,
and his salary as of May 2011 was $106,360.

So he would be looking at a salary increase of about $46,640, or 44 percent.

Shah-Khan is currently one of 10 Charlotte senior assistant city attorneys.

...Shah-Khan would be
...a mid-level administrator in the Charlotte attorney's office.

Shah-Khan is a graduate of Duke University and of Mercer University School of Law.

He is not the first choice of several councilmembers,
but is reportedly the first choice of Mayor Robbie Perkins,
who has been pushing hard to hire Shah-Khan.

It does seem odd that in the State of North Carolina,
the best candidate to be city attorney in Greensboro
is a mid-level attorney from Charlotte.

Since being Greensboro city attorney has a large administrative component,
you would expect that a candidate ...would have more experience in running an office.

Seven attorneys report to the Greensboro city attorney
so administrative experience seems necessary.

Councilmembers have expressed displeasure
with the consultant who was hired to help with the process..."


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