Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Big Power Play on the Greensboro Performing Arts Center?

"A downtown performing arts center
may not be able to use $11 million worth of hotel taxes as a funding source,
as planners have proposed.

What chance did those planning to have the money
think they would actually get it
or that Matt Brown wouldn't object?

Greensboro Convention and Visitors Bureau's attorney
concluded that state law doesn't allow the city to use hotel tax revenue
to pay for projects outside of the Greensbor Coliseum,
CVB President Henri Fourrier said Tuesday.

Would the "Greensboro Convention and Visitors Bureau's attorney" object
if he wasn't told to?

Who told the "Greensboro Convention and Visitors Bureau's attorney"
to object?

That means the project couldn't be built downtown with that money
— but could be at the coliseum,
as Coliseum Director Matt Brown originally proposed.

The city's attorneys disagree with the CVB's conclusion.

The City Council will consider
whether to put a $30 million bond request on the November ballot
to help pay for the project.

The rest was projected to be paid for with $10 million from private investors
and $11 million in hotel /motel tax revenue.


How much has been raised by private investors?

Is this one of those who gets what heads
on who's beds?

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