Monday, March 26, 2012

Time Sensitive: City of Greensboro Information Request on Tuesday, March 27th's 8AM "Economic Incentive Meeting" with Jonathan L. Sangster

Who does Mr. Sangster represent?

If Mr. Sangster
represents the The Greensboro Economic Development Alliance (GEDA),
and the Alliance recieves taxpayer money,
and Mr. Sangster intends to promote taxpayer money for "Incentives",
like Roy Carroll's "Shovely Ready" proposal,
which Mr. Sangster appears to have recomended,
how are taxpayers not funding
what looks like a lobbyist selling the city on more debt?

"I talked to Sangster...about the possibility
of Greensboro and developer Roy Carroll partnering
to develop a 100-acre shovel-ready site in eastern Greensboro.

Has Mr. Sangster ever recieved compensation
from Mr. Carroll?

Is Mr. Sangster a "lobbyist"?

It was a presentation by Sangster
at a commercial real estate meeting in Greensboro this spring
that helped kick off the push to establish such a site,
said Dan Lynch, president of the Greensboro Economic Development Alliance.

Please provide all documentation and communications
which include "Sangster", from 1/1/2010.

The discussion Greensboro is currently having
about the decision to help publicly fund the development of a shovel-ready site
is one that many communities are having
as they compete for a smaller pool of large-scale projects,
Sangster said during a phone interview...

How did the Business Journal's Owen Covington
know to call Mr. Sangster?

Some communities are creating “certified sites”
that have some preparation work such as environmental studies completed
or infrastructure in place,
but stop short of being ready for a building permit, he said.

“I think it can be a differentiation
to have a pad-ready site with utilities and infrastructure in place,” Sangster said.

...Using public dollars to fund site development carries the risk of public outcry
if a shovel-ready site fails to attract a new development quickly, he said.

“It is taking a little bit of a chance,” he said.

Owen Covington
Friday, October 7, 2011, 2:40pm EDT

Will Mr. Sangster
"provide education to economic development practitioners"
at the meeting?

Have any City Council Members recieved any free anything
from Mr. Sangster?

If Mr. Sangster represents someone other than GEDA,
please dislcose his clients.

If Mr. Sangster is a licenced real estate broker,
how is Mr. Sangster being and/or going to be compensated for what?

Does Mr. Sangster stand to recieve a % of the negotiated incentive
as compensation?

Does Mr. Sangster get compensated
if a deal and/or "sale" doesn't go through?

How was Mr. Sangster involved with the Caterpiller deal
in Winston Salem?

“What we do not have today are shovel-ready sites,
and that is big,” said Carroll, president of The Carroll Cos.

“We are unprepared for large job creators coming to the area
that want to build a new plant or new manufacturing facilities.”

Is this Correct?

Arn't there already 100 acre sites
supported by Greensboro taxpayer money?

Carroll began assembling the 850 acres
that make up Birch Creek eight years ago.

Initially, he envisioned it as a huge mixed-use development,
but a glut of housing in that part of the Triad and a lousy economy
have undermined those plans.

At the moment, the park stands empty.

Birch Creek, which is closer to Greensboro’s city limits, is another matter.

It is largely without infrastructure.


W.E. Heasley said...

Forget the chicken and the egg, focus on the henhouse and the ferret.

The question is not if the chicken came before the egg. The question is the henhouse. The question is how certain individuals and entities can benefit from politicos offering the collective action of using taxpayer dollars for the new henhouse.

The farmer can afford the new henhouse however the farmer knows politicos will pay for the new henhouse or a significant part thereof. The farmer hires the economic-incentive-henhouse-ferret to find those taxpayer dollars directed by politicos regarding henhouses.

The egg-farmer benefits. The ferrets promoting the relocation of the henhouse to “your town” instead of “someone else’s town” (heaven forbid) benefit as well. The politico benefits as a political constituency is built.

Hence prosperity of the farmer, the prosperity “economic incentive” ferret and the politico’s new politico constituency are secured……at the expense of the taxpayer.

Incentive Meetings said...

Well said, Mr. Heasley. I like the visuals you created to explain your point.