Saturday, March 3, 2012

Let's borrow to build a PAC!!!!: "Greensboro call center to close, lay off nearly 700 workers"

"...According to a letter Perkins received,
the office “is closing due to business needs,
which are considerate of client-mandated business decisions and requirements.”

Jobs going overseas?

City Tax revenues falling?

...Perkins called the layoffs “devastating."

Devastating enough to start concentrating on what can be done
or not enough to not appease Greensboro's Elite Rent Seekers?

“I’m sure a good number of folks that work there
are from Greensboro,” Perkins said.

“This is another really tough one,
and it’s come on the heels of American Express closing in December.”

In January 2011, American Express decided to close its call center
and move 1,500 jobs from Greensboro.

2,200 x $30,000 = $6,600,000 in lost wages

Perkins said the NCO closing gives city officials more incentive
to continue to fight for jobs for Greensboro residents."


Like building a swimming pool and a performing arts center
as the city's lower income residents pay for it
as they lose their jobs?

How did we not just elect most of the folkes
that got us into this mess in the first place?

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W.E. Heasley said...

Dear Triad Watch:

“Perkins said the NCO closing gives city officials more incentive to continue to fight for jobs for Greensboro residents.”

One can only wonder what the above statement means. City officials go out and pick a fight and the winner receives jobs? Hmmm. More like “fight” means spend an ever shrink tax revenue stream on some notional proposition that supposedly “creates” jobs.

Government, or more succinctly the politico through the mechanism of government, is merely a transfer agent and create nothing the private sector would not have created absent “tax”. The transfer agent creates nothing including the notional political proposition of “create jobs“.

However, it’s the “transfer agent” position and consequential power over the conduit of taxpayer dollars that allows for rent seeking practice that the politico craves and lends itself to the politico reframed and notional argument of “job creation“.