Friday, March 2, 2012

Let's Ask Local Developer Roy Carroll Just Who Pays for Water and Sewer, Video Embedded

triadwatch parody picture: which shows Greensboro Mayor Perkins and local developer Roy Carroll together at Center Pointe

With all this talk about extending water and sewer to Eastern Guilford County. It is great to hear what Roy Carroll has to say in regards to who should pay for water and sewer. VIDEO EMBEDDED BELOW

Greensboro taxpayers remember what local developer Roy Carroll just said above in that developers pay for water and sewer . So in this coming up budget talks the citizens of Greensboro should be getting a refund of close to $12 million dollars which is their share of the joint city county water fund that is going away. But don't hold your breath because this Greensboro City Council is spending your tax dollars like drunken sailors just read this from Rhino Times titled "Council Talking Trash, Giving Away City Cash"

If you think the Mayor of Greensboro wants to open up 9,000 acres to future development think again. He is hiding the fact that they want to open up all this land for water and sewer but in reality they only want to help out a certain few and we like to call them the usual suspects. This from the Triad Business Journal  from a post at TRIADWATCH

"Developer Roy Carroll said in October that he was interested in working with the city to secure funding to prepare a 100-acre site at Knox Road and Interstate 40 for construction, but declined to comment further at this time.
There’s speculation that the other two locations include a site with
Rock Creek Center at Interstate 40 near Rock Creek Dairy Road that is managed by Simpson Schulman & Beard and a site adjacent to U.S. 29 near Reedy Fork Parkway owned by Reedy Fork Associates, which was formed in 2000 as a partnership between Greensboro’s Starmount Co. , Winston-Salem’s Hubbard Realty and the D.H. Griffin family."

Check out these usual suspects Roy Carroll, Dick Beard and DH Griffin Family,Sounds familiar? 

We will  see what happens this month because this shovel ready talk has been in the works since the fall and will come in front of the Greensboro City Council soon.

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