Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Yes Weekly on RUCO and the Curfew: Really?: How far is Brian's head up Robbie's Rectum?

"...a dysfunctional Greensboro City Council

...the tenure of a council founded in malcontent and disinformation...

Upon election, that new council,
which also included new at-large member Danny Thompson
and District 5 Representative Trudy Wade
as part of its conservative faction...
...attempted to subvert the city’s
rental unit certificate of occupancy system, [RUCO]
which a 2002 council had created
to improve the city’s stock of rental units.

If some of Greensboro's largest landlords
are both TREBIC Members and Robbie Perkins Campaign Contributors,
how did Mr. Perkins publicly say one thing
while doing another behind closed doors
with tacit blessings from Yes Weekly?

Who voted to kill RUCO?

Did Robbie vote to limit RUCO three times?

What does historical revisionism mean?

Ms. Dellinger [Koury] moved to eliminate 2% sampling on multifamily property,
seconded by Mr. Sims.

The vote was tied 6-6.

(Ayes: Dellinger, Nelson, Placentino, Chaney, Sims, Perkins.

Nays: Akin, Rotruck, Cannon, Giles, Tuck, Smith.)

The vote died due to lack of a majority."

OCTOBER 14, 2010

And it reacted to a nightclub shooting
by enforcing new downtown ordinances
that include a curfew and provisions against loitering
in the very district
previous that councils spent considerable time,
money and effort trying to populate.

Who voted for the curfew?

Who proposed the curfew?

...when we made our endorsements for a new council
before last year’s election,
we did it with an eye toward the future.

...And it was ratified last week
as the new city council put into place
something the previous one could not:
a deal with the county to run water and sewer lines
into unincorporated parts of the county,
a project designed to attract new business.

Yes Weekly

How are they paying for the project?

Who will the project directly benefit?

Who did Yes Weekly endorse
compared to who voted to kill RUCO and the curfew?

Historical revisionism is the reinterpretation of orthodox views
on evidence, motivations, and decision-making processes
surrounding a historical event.

...Historians who work within the existing establishment
and who have a body of existing work
from which they claim authority,
often have the most to gain by maintaining the status quo.

Denialism is choosing to deny reality
as a way to avoid an uncomfortable truth:

"[it] is the refusal to accept an empirically verifiable reality.

It is an essentially irrational action
that withholds validation of a historical experience or event".


If NAI Piedmont Triad, owned by Robbie Perkins,
is a Silver Member of TREBIC,
which worked to gut RUCO, did Robbie have a conflict of interest
as the Greensboro City Council Liaison to the RUCO Advisory Board,
which NAI funded TREBIC to eliminate
along with other political contributions by landlords etc...,
which Yes Weekly refuses to acknowledge?

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