Monday, January 23, 2012

Mayor Perkins $22 Million Gift to Crony Capitalist Developer Roy Carroll in Eastern Guilford County


Who owns the most property in the area in question Landport Investments LLC
with principal officer in Roy Carroll. Ever since the American Express secret deal to Roy Carroll was exposed now we have this.

Everybody wants to talk about this land and the need for water and sewer but nobody want to report as to who will benefit from this whole deal. Now you know,


Roch101 said...

That's some pretty vague substantiation. What leads you to conclude that Landport Investments owns the most property in the area? I see that Rock Creek Investments owns many large tracts of land in the area, but I have yet to even find any parcels owned by Landport.

How about an explanation of the parcels owned by Landport in terms of size and location along with some indication of how you know that these parcels are to benefit from the water and sewer?

triadwatch said...

Land port is on the other side of I 40 . Am working on getting a map with coded area on just what landport owns might take awhile. I want everyone to know who will benefit the most with this giveaway of taxpayers monies since no one wants to report this from fox 8 to news 2 to news and record to rhino.

triadwatch said...

I have a information request in regards to this issue where the lawyers determined that this was not information they can give out, bogus to me. Can forward you the e mail roch