Monday, January 9, 2012

"Greensboro weighs options for solid waste management", By Eric Ginsburg: No mention of the $7 million lost per year Eric?

"As one of its final decisions, Greensboro’s outgoing city council extended the city’s municipal solid waste management contract with Republic Services until June 30.

The current council will take up the issue during its Feb. 28 budget meeting...

Mayor Robbie Perkins said council would look at all potential alternatives to the city’s current agreement, except for the White Street Landfill.

How about the natural gas the city is giving away Eric?

He expects the issue to be discussed earlier at the council’s Jan. 17 meeting and said the council has been in close communication with former mayors Keith Holliday and Carolyn Allen about solid waste policy.

What do Keith and Carolyn know about the options?

What are the realistic options by summer Eric?

...there needs to be a long-term plan for White Street so we don’t go through this agonizing process again,“ Hopkins said. “We really need a culture change on recycling and even composting. Right now we pay for recycling instead of getting paid. There’s a lot to accomplish.”

Is Greensboro's recycling currently losing money?

Are some proposing losing even more money than now?

District 2 Councilman Jim Kee has been a vocal proponent of turning waste into energy, and says he wants to create a process that produces revenue for the city.

Where does Jim's idea make money for whom?

Is waste to energy a good idea,
if no one else is doing it?

Didn't Jim try to throw some business
at some "waste to energy" proponents
who live in his district?

...Founder and executive director of the Reuse Alliance MaryEllen Etienne, who lives in Greensboro, also went on the trip to Catawba, and said there are jobs to be had if more waste is reused.

What did you expect her to say?

Where is the alternative view?

...Perkins said Field Operations Director Dale Wyrick and his staff are working on a comprehensive evaluation of what the city can do with waste management...

I thought there was a plan?

We need a plan by June?

How much will the city lose as we wait for the plan?

One of the possible alternatives to contracting Republic Services to ship the city’s waste to a Montgomery County landfill would be creating a regional landfill in Randolph County. Marnie Thompson, co-director of the Fund 4 Democratic Communities, said she isn’t convinced this is the solution.

“I am very concerned that nobody’s done any real research about what the people of Randolph County actually want,” she said. “Wherever our trash is going, a democratic process needs to be part of the decision-making.”

Did the Greensboro News & Record, Yes Weekly or any TV stations
reported the $175 million savings potential of reopening the landfill?

Did the Greensboro News & Record, Yes Weekly or any TV stations
report how much the city has lost by closing the landfill?

How could a majority of Greensboro taxpayers feel
about Greensboro's media not reporting
what could be some candidate's willingness
to exchange about $175 million of other people's property taxes
for the chance to become Greensboro's election winners?

Thompson sent a letter to the current city council members and sat down with some of them to discuss the need for community input and a re-conceptualization of trash in general.


Eric "the financially illiterate?" Ginsburg

Why should Greensboro's taxpayers
have to pay for other's artificially inflated real estate values
after they bought property near the landfill at a discount?

Are most of those who purchased properties at a discount,
because the landfill was there when they bought in,
deserving of a premium funded by everyone else when they sell?

Could many in East Greensboro
have received misrepresented messages
from some who may profit from a particular outcome?

Should the White Street Landfill remain closed
to artificially increase the value
of privately owned residential real estate
at the expense of public transportation?

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