Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dear Eric Ginsburg, Jordan Green and Brain Clery of Yes Weekly, If keeping the White Street Landfill closed costs the City of Greensboro about $7 million per year...?

If $7 million divided by 12 months is $583,333,
where will the money come from
if City Council Members voted to fund a budget
by spending millions more than the city recieved
in tax revenues?

What was more important,
a $20 million pool,
$25 million for the Science Center
or overtime/take home cars for police?

If $7 million divided by 365 is $19,178 per day,
and the city is spending more than it makes,
should the City of Greensboro increase taxes
to pay for what it needs,
after spending tens of millions
on the wants of select few?

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