Saturday, November 12, 2011

Scott Yost on PART: Why did MV Transportation terminate the contract?

"...the Guilford County commissioners
...voted unanimously to offer the county's $5 million annual transportation contract
to the Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation (PART)...

Counties in the State of North Carolina are required by law
to provide transportation to elderly and disabled residents
for medical trips and other trips considered critical...

...MV Transportation,
...that has been providing those rides for Guilford County
...gave its 60-day notice of termination of that contract on Sept. 13,
and Guilford County's only option on Nov. 3 – 10 days before MV pulled out
– was to jump into a hastily arranged agreement with PART.

What is who not being told about what?

Why did they terminate?

...Guilford County ...turn[ed] its transportation services
over to an organization that lost federal funding earlier this year
because of accounting irregularities,
and also an organization that last month asked for, and got,
$394,000 in additional money for the current fiscal year..."

What is Guilford County's current and anticipated budget shortfall?

Scott Yost

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