Sunday, November 13, 2011

John Hammer on the Simkins PAC, Purchased Endorsements, and Greensboro's City Council Election results.

"...All eight candidates endorsed by the powerful
George C. Simkins Jr. Memorial Political Action Committee,
which is called the Simkins PAC, or just "the PAC,"
won on Tuesday night.

Two years ago seven of eight candidates
endorsed by The Rhinoceros Times won.

When you look at the vote totals
for the predominantly black precincts in east Greensboro
where the Simkins PAC endorsement letter is circulated,
it's hard to see how anyone endorsed by the Simkins PAC can lose.

...The Simkins PAC endorsed eight candidates for the City Council
and all eight won.

Didn't the Greensboro News & Record finish eight for nine,
only because they couldn't endorse TDBS?

Chairman of the Simkins PAC Steve Bowden,
...said the successful message of the Simkins PAC was,
"Stop the divisiveness."

Didn't Steve Bowden serve on three committees
including the taxpayer funded Greensboro Partnership
that gave money to the 1/4 cent tax increase initiative?

But it is hard to see how an all-black group
that endorses candidates who pay a fee for the endorsement
and sends its endorsements to voters
in predominantly black precincts is ending divisiveness.

How much did who pay the Rhino times for political advertising,
and how is that different from what the Simkins PAC did
relative to who gave the Rhino how much?

The Simkins PAC endorsement letter
was being handed out at polls in east Greensboro,
but once you crossed the imaginary line into west Greensboro
you didn't see anyone handing out Simkins PAC endorsement letters.


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