Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ron Paul on the present

"Nothing has been solved offering up the productivity of Americans as a sacrificial lamb.

Greece is set to be the first domino to fall
in the string of European economies at risk.

Rather than learning from Greece's terrible example
of an over-consuming public sector and drowning private sector,
what is more likely from our politicians
is an eventual bailout of European investors.

...Greece is technically small enough to bail out.

Italy is not.

Germany is not.

France is not.

...Because the urge to paper over the debt with more credit is so strong,
the collapse of the Euro is imminent. people always find a way back to prosperity
if the politicians leave them alone.

Communities within Greece are coming together
and forming barter systems
because they know the Euro is becoming unstable.

Greeks are learning how to engage in commerce with each other,
without the use of fiat currency controlled by central banks.

In other words, they are rediscovering what money really is,
and they are trading with each other in ways
that cannot be controlled, manipulated, squandered, inflated away
and generally ruined...

Farmers will still grow food, mechanics will still fix cars,
people will still make things and exchange them with each other.

...People will find or create another medium of exchange.

Unfortunately when politicians try to monopolize currency
with legal tender laws,
the people find it harder and harder to survive the inflation and taxation
to which they are subjected.

...The losses should be limited and liquidated,
rather than perpetuated and rewarded.

This is the only way we can recover.

...if we cavalierly put this burden on the taxpayer,
it is all too predictable what will happen here."


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