Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mayor Robbie Perkins Already Lying To The Public With Interview on News 2


Soon to be Mayor of Greensboro Robbie Perkins is already trying to manipulate the process by lying to the public in a interview with News 2  video embedded above. CLICKHERE to a link to the online report with a title"Greensboro Mayor Elect Robbie Perkins Talks About City's Future" In the online post this is what he is lying about :

"When it comes to the White Street landfill situation, Perkins said, "we ought to tell the manager to save us some money and come up with a way to help with solid waste that doesn't including opening White Street and look at regional solutions."
Perkins added High Point is five years away from being out of space and Winston-Salem is about 13 years. So he believes the area is prime for finding a solutino together."

As you can see we have Mayor Perkins trying to say to the public in this interview that High Point N.C. is 5 years away from being out of space when it comes to landfill capacity . It took one call to the High Point Public Services Assistant Director in Richard McMillan to make Mayor Perkins fact on High Point trash become a complete false statement because Richard McMillan stated to me that the High Point landfill has 3 other phases to go and the life of the landfill in High Point is over 25 plus years left.

These are the type of statements that if stated enough will become fact but are complete falsehoods by politicians like Mayor Perkins but we need a local media who will ask the tough questions or to do a little research into these statements to make sure they are correct. One call did it for this blogger and hopefully we will see a retraction of the mayors statement on talking about regionalism and other municipalities .

We are not even one week into this new era in Mayor Perkins of Greensboro and already he is lying to the public in this interview. This will be a fun 2 years if these are the statements coming out of the mayor's mouth.