Saturday, November 19, 2011

Occupy Tea: "More Than 500 Renewed Protests "

" forces blocked roads leading to the interior ministry
to stop the protesters from advancing to the ministry’s building,
and at least nine policemen were injured...
Security forces used tear gas and rubber bullets...

If democracy is government by the people,
plutocracy by the wealthy
oligarchy by a few, aristocracy by nobility,
theocracy by clergy
corptocracy by business and autocracy by one
who has what where, and who’s on who’s side and why?

...a photojournalist ...received a head injury today
while he was covering the clashes

Political turmoil ...has resulted in crackdowns
on anti-government demonstrations and hurt regional economies.

Are taxes rising or falling if workers, savers and investors
are exposed to inflationary capital confiscation?

Egypt may ask the International Monetary Fund
for the $3 billion loan it rejected this year,
after domestic borrowing costs soared...

...The yield on Egypt’s one-year Treasury bills
jumped 65 basis points, or 0.65 percentage point, on Nov. 17
to 14.725 percent...

Did some economic and political leaders
bail themselves and their compatriots out of their own mistakes,
by pledging trillions of debt and newly created money,
knowing the consequences would be handed down
to many who may be unaware
including the unborn of following generations?

In Syria...Assad’s security forces killed 24 people...

What could happen
if a generation of college graduates can’t find jobs?

Militias of the anti-U.S. Iraqi Shiite cleric Moqtada al- Sadr
crossed the border into Syria a few days ago
to help the Assad regime in its crackdown on protesters...

What should the electorate expect
from leadership dependent on the status quo?

Soldiers who left Assad’s army
and set up an opposition force called for a no-fly zone...

Business Week

Have the educated underemployed
instigated most rebellions?

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