Sunday, September 11, 2011

Is this an example of News & Record complicity in protecting Greensboro's status quo?

"...last week the General Assembly stuck a fork in the city’s proactive and clearly effective
rental unit inspections program.

There the GOP went again, meddling in local affairs.

By signing the law, didn't Bev Perdue also meddle?

That’s too bad. By virtually any measure the RUCO program was working.

Two days after the program was effectively neutered
Beth McKee-Huger of the Greensboro Housing Coalition
was scheduled to speak about RUCO on a panel in Denver.

It had become a model for cities all over the country.

The program might have had a fighting chance
if the City Council had expressed any semblance of solid support.

It had that chance on June 7 with a proposed resolution in favor of RUCO.

It tabled the matter.

Did the News & Record Editorial Board raise the issue,
between the time City Council tabled the matter
and when the bill was passed by the state legislature?

The council should be held accountable in the coming election.

Who on City Council should be held accountable?

Allen Johnson

Why did Bev Perdue sign it?

Why didn't Robbie or anyone else speak up after it got out of congress?


Bev Perdue could have vetoed it?

Why didn't she veto the bill Allen?

There's plenty of blame to go around on all sides.

What will they tell the widows, and/or orphans or the asthmatic or the burnt
or the broken?

Will we have spilt blood in exchange for campaign contributions?

Robbie didn't step up.

Skip didn't.

Small didn't.

Coleman didn't.

The NAACP didn't.

The Pulpit Forum.

The Simpkins PAC.

Pcjeort Heatsomed.

Aiogapn Bowrn Sevten Krouy

Come clean

By not mentioning Bev signed it into law puts you at at rhetorical disadvantage
by placing you on a side.

Please get off of all the sides.

Tell the truth.

Abner Doon, June 28, 2011 - 9:27 pm EDT

"I have no idea what your point is, Abner,
aside that I agree it would have been useful
to have seen some of the people and organizations you mention step forward.

Most of the ones you list are African American,
but this is not a racial issue as I see it.

Allen, where do you think most of those who this will harm live?

How many do you think are not white?

How can this not be a racial issue,
if most of those who will be harmed are not white?

I don't see why Wade, Knight, Thompson, Matheny and Rakestraw
didn't speak on RUCO's behalf either.

How can you not see they didn't speak up,
if much of their campaign cash comes from many
who wanted to get rid of RUCO?

Or were you just kidding?

If you weren't kidding,
why would you say that?

As for a veto, I imagine the governor did not see this one
rise to the level of many other bills she already has vetoed,
though it would have been nice if she had."

Allen Johnson, June 29, 2011 - 8:54 am EDT

Again, how can you not understand the correlation
between campaign contributions and legislation?

How can the News & Record talk about campaign contributions
in today's paper on a tax break for an out of town company,
and not recognize the same thing only different on local issues?

Could it be that Skip, Small, Coleman,
The NAACP, The Pulpit Forum and The Simpkins PAC
didn't speak up because they are a part of the problem?

How could they not be part of the problem,
if they didn't bother to stand up for the people they say they represent?

Why won't the Editorial Board call out our black leadership
for being what many believe to be crony hypocrites?

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