Sunday, September 11, 2011

Americans for Prosperity and Civitas with Local Meeting in Greensboro on September 22nd

Thursday, September 22nd
Greensboro: Quality Inn
and Suites
Wednesday, September 22nd - Dinner 7:00-8:00

Americans for Prosperity-North Carolina as we team up with the Civitas Institute on their valuable, informational tour through North Carolina. Civitas President Francis De Luca and elections analyst Susan Myrick will lead these quick and dynamic sessions which are designed to inform and prepare activists.

Would you like to learn all about the new redistricting maps and how they affect your area and the state of North Carolina? Would you also like to know how the political leanings of voters in your state house and senate district compare with the partisan voting tendencies of the state as a whole?

How did your state House representative and state Senator stack up on voting for and against conservative issues in this last legislative session? How do they score on the Conservative Ranking scale? Sometimes activists are surprised to learn how their legislator voted!

What was accomplished in the 2011 session? What was left on the table? Were the budget cuts as “draconian” as the media reported?

Sign up for a Location Near You Today!

Each Event Includes a Meal and is $10 if you register online
($5 for Civitas members and $15 at the door—don’t delay!)
You don’t want to miss this valuable, informational tour coming to a town near you. AFP will see you there!


Chris Marie Farr
North Carolina Grassroots Director
Americans for Prosperity

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