Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"Tracking Bracelets for Repeat Offenders Could Expand to Guilford County" How Stupid Could a Majority of Guilford County Taxpayers and Those They Voted for Actually Be?

"After Greensboro has seen early success with putting tracking bracelets on repeat offenders,
the Guilford County Sheriff's Office is wanting to get its own.

The bracelets are placed on people
who have been convicted of similar misdemeanor crimes in the past
and are awaiting trial on the new charges.

Isn't that what the new jail for those awaitign trial?

Placing the suspects on house arrest instead of putting them in jails
saves the city a significant amount of money.

Why is Guilford County keeping the Prison Farm, the High Point Jail,
and now a new $100 million jail open,
if we can send many home?

An ankle bracelet costs $4 a day to rent,
while it costs $60 a day to house an inmate.

Did Guilford County actually need a new $100 million jail,
knowing prisoners could cost 93% less?

Sheriff BJ Barnes still needs to approve the program
before it goes to county commissioners, who have the final vote.

How do most think Kirk Perkins and Bruce Davis will vote?

Could Kirk and Bruce not want to save 93% per prisoner?

The bracelets would be paid for with federal forfeiture funds,
which is how Greensboro Police paid for theirs.

Powers said they would like to expand the program in the future
in order to keep their jail system from getting full as quickly.


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