Thursday, July 14, 2011

Million Dollar Decorators on Bravo TV Has High Point Furniture Market All Over Episode #7

Nathan is second from left and Mary is in the middle.

Being a reality junkie from my fascination with the housewives series on Bravo TV . I was watching a new series on Bravo TV called Million Dollar Decorators. Episode #7 prominately displayed 2 of the decorators Nathan Turner and Mary McDonald who had a lighting and furniture lines at the High Point Furniture Market. In one segment of the show it had the 2 California decorators take a trip to  Hills Lexington Barbecue ,  it looked like Nathan was enjoying the Barbecue but Mary was having a hard time at this establishment.

The episode is called "The Suite Life" and it was first on Bravo TV on July 12, 2011. You can probably catch the show again because Bravo always repeats these shows on a weekly basis. Time Warner has a on demand for Bravo TV but this show is not a part of the on demand from TIme Warner.

It is great to see High Point N.C. get some national tv exposure. Nathan Turner wrote on his Bravo TV blog this about High Point Furniture Market:

So you saw the beginning of it all tonight when Mary and I went to High Point, NC. I typically go twice a year with Elite Leather to show new collections. It really is the most important place for the furniture industry, and it was so fun being there with Mary, even though she was a bit of a fish out of water. I actually enjoy it there. . .lets face it, I'm really just there for the BBQ!
To read more on his blog CLICKHERE

Then we had Mary McDonald also write on her Bravo TV blog:

Too bad you guys did not have time to see all our crazy antics in between my lighting launch meetings and Nathan's furniture launch. We played pool at a poll hall -- I was terrible btw -- visited every BBQ joint in town, shopped at some great showrooms, visited a three-story house that was made to look like a huge chest of drawers, all topped off by the glamorous Architectural DIgest party. The antics were endless

to read more of her blog CLICKHERE 

What great exposure for our city , the region and also the state.


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