Thursday, July 14, 2011

Is the Solar farm deal now looking at 40 acre lots, instead of 200?

"...A local economic development official
said Wednesday that representatives of a Florida company, National Solar Power,
have signaled a strong interest in locating a solar farm in the Greensboro area.

How many employees does National Solar Power currently employ?

Why doesn't their website have biographies of company executives?

“When they left here (last week), they were very impressed,” said Dan Lynch,
president of the Greensboro Economic Development Alliance .

“They just feel confident that they are going to be able to develop a solar farm
in the Greensboro region.”

Those could include an unexpected possibility — a capped portion of the White Street Landfill.

“I am going to recommend that we look at it,” Lynch said.

“I would love for their first 40-acre solar farm to be at White Street Landfill.”

The company said it plans to build a 400-megawatt project
that would be made up of 20 related 200-acre sites.

Don Patterson, July 8, 2011

Efforts to reach James Scrivener , the company’s CEO , were unsuccessful Wednesday."


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