Saturday, July 23, 2011

Karl Denninger on the debt limit and what both sides are doing, that the Mainstream Media isn't telling anybody about

"NO domestic spending cuts whatsoever.

NO material changes to entitlement spending ($25 billion/year on Medicare is pointless.)

NO other mandatory spending cuts.


Remember, the deal was supposed to be about $2 trillion in total - $1.2...,
and then $800 billion in "revenue increases" (tax hikes.)

...We're talking about chicken**** here folks - these "cuts" are not real,
they are all "reductions in planned spending increases.

Boehner and McConnell are both a lying sack of crap
- there are NO actual spending cuts on the table by either party.

The entire is a bunch of damned sell-outs.

It is time for primary challenges
for each and every one of the alleged "limited government" liars and frauds.

Every one of them - fire them all.

Tea Party and "limited government" my ass."

Karl Denninger

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