Monday, July 18, 2011

High Point Enterprise on Guilford County Commissioners Redistricting

Guilford County Commissioners 2011 Redistricting Map for 8 District by Keith Brown

High Point Enterprise has a article titled "County Officials Unveil District Maps", CLICKHERE

High Point is part of what Keith Brown, who contributed a map for Triad Watch, calls a fish-hook” strategy making a district that links to Greensboro to form a minority-majority district.

“The Alston plan creates a district that runs from High Point through Jamestown and into Greensboro,” Brown said. “We don’t like that.”

Brown’s plan, and the two other county maps, also take the same district path, but Brown claims his treatment is not as severe.
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Let me explain a little bit further with this scenario. We have a district that needs to be majority minority because of the voting rights act. In High Point you can only get 44% majority minority and need to be over the 50% plus 1 this means that this district that was in High Point needs to add more people. So the feasible way to go is east to get precincts through Jamestown and into Greensboro.

Doing this from High Point into Greensboro opens the door for the map makers to go under this majority minority district to make a fish hook looking area where some of the southern part of High Point remain in another area for the "High Point Hook" as i call it to happen.

As you see in the map that I turned into the Guilford County Commissioners you do not see me allow this High Point Hook. But if you see plenty of the other maps CLICKHERE it does especially the chairman Skip Alston plan.

Say no to the High Point Hook around the voting rights act majority minority district in High Point

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